The “Deathmaker” in the forest


“Wild animals are also Refugees from terrorism”


The bloody war in the forest and fields every year kills over 5 million animals – often in the cruellest way:

-1,117,511 deer,
-854.324 wild pigeons,
-608,466 foxes,
-526,003 wild ducks,
-512,050 wild boar,
-470,459 rabbits and wild rabbits, deer, badgers, wild geese, swans, raccoons …

Every year
-ca. 300,000 domestic cats,
-ca. 35,000 dogs
as well as ponies and cows in the pasture, ornamental ducks, mini-pigs, llamas on a sanctuary, victims of hunters.

In 2004 alone in Germany over 40 people were killed by hunters and hunters weapons

Every year over 800 people are injured by hunters and hunting weapons, sometimes so severely that they have to be in a wheelchair or have their legs amputated

The traps that are set for animals – illegal – often give the animals an hour-long agony.
The shot loads of rabbits hurt the animals and make them cry like little children.

“Deformation bullets” are used with the purpose of tearing deers off the innards so that they leave traces for the “search” during the escape.

Half of the animals are usually not immediately dead and injured animals still suffer for hours or even days in agony.



The hunters’ claim that these cruel massacres are necessary to regulate animal populations is an outrageous lie and propaganda that has long been scientifically and practically refuted.

I quote sections from the magazine “Freedom for Animals” [2, 2007, p. 12 f.]…” The confession of an ex-hunter”:

»Ladies and Gentlemen, fortunately we do not live in China and neither do we have Putin’s“ flawless democrat ”. We have freedom of expression.

And my opinion is: Hunters are terrorists, killers and liars!



Terrorists because they spread fear and terror. Murderers because they kill out of sheer lust for murder. And liars because they pretend to be countless lies for their behavior.

I have decided to write in your magazine a letter that you can publish wherever you want (…). After 12 years I finally had the courage to quit the hunters (…)

The claim that hunters are environmentalists or ecologists is ridiculous, as is the claim that hunters spend many voluntary hours in the hunting district for the benefit of wildlife, animals and the environment.

Everything the hunter does in the hunting district is directly or indirectly connected to the hunt, i.e. the shooting of the animals or the social gathering (…)



The so-called environmental protection work largely consists of building or maintaining the hunting objects … The various cleaning campaigns … are … pure hunter propaganda.

The hunters with their high seats, vehicles and their presence are the greatest natural pests …! (…)

Even more ridiculous is the claim that hunting is primarily about caring for game and that shooting is just one of their activities.

The aim of the hunt is execution or killing, possibly the most beautiful animals as a personal trophy – and nothing else.”


And then this ex-hunter reports on perhaps the most outrageous of all hunter lies: that the hunt is primarily a Samaritan service on sick and injured animals:

Ladies and gentlemen,

everyone can understand for themselves what is to be said of this frivolous lie by imagining what it would be like if the emergency services were organized for people like this alleged Samaritan service on animals!

Imagine: You are injured and call for rescue, but instead of an ambulance with a doctor, a tank comes with a firing squad!
This is what the hunter’s Samaritan field service looks like on animals”!

The ex-hunter concludes: “The hunting world is much worse than you can imagine.”


My best regards to all, Venus


One Response

  1. I agree with Venus.The 21st century is, humans who call themselves ” hunters ” are terorrists : mass murderers of sentient beings, exploiters of all taxpayers, cheaters imitators, because they are genetic fruit-eaters,they are collectors of ripe fruits and have nothing to do with the true hunters that exist among Earthlings. Real hunters hunt just with their teeth and claws, hunt only when they are hungry and immediately eat the victim on the spot, using only their teeth and claws.Terorrists walk around with the arms and kill without reason , they are danger for all Earthlings. It is need ban hunting and ASAP establish death penalty for humans- terorrists named ”hunters”.As long as there are hunters and slaughterhouses, there will be wars – senseless violence and killings – for all, the screenwriter is human. It is time for : Establish Death Penalty for : humans who kill other sentient beings under any reason .

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