The Human Being – Sorry To Be One !

I hate the human race and the fact that they claim superiority and a ‘superior being’ type status above all else; whilst in my opinion; they are in fact the masters of destruction and abuse of almost everything on this planet; and that is nothing to be ‘superior’ or proud about.

Please watch this video (link Below) and then tell me that I am wrong !

Regards Mark – WAV.

One Response

  1. You are right, Mark. But we can do this: as our goal.
    In the Constitution of every state in the 21st century it must state: all sentient animals are persons the same as human child , and then the next step is : legalize the death penalty for abusers, users torturers and murderers of other persons under any names. That is only way for animal liberation. Hate does not help, but the regulation of the Constitution and the law the recognition of personalities, yes. United we will achieve this, we will win.We all are equally important Earthlings, we all are equally important persons.

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