Germany / England: We Have Started A New Site In Conjunction With SAV – ‘World Animals Voice’. Hope To See You There.

This SAV site has been going for approximately 13 years.  We have attempted to raise public awareness of the plight of stray dogs and cats in Serbia.  Over the years we have produced more than 4,080 posts and had so many great words of support from you, our site visitors.

We have been very pleased to see that many of our posts have been published on other sites also; and we thank all the people who have done this – they know who they are.

So now; what happens ?

Thanks to our SAV Facebook site  there is a great deal of action and work taken by the many recue organisations in Serbia for the benefit of Serbian animals.  And there is only one thing that can really make the changes for better animal welfare in Serbia; and that is via the Serbian people themselves; those who vote and demand change.  It will happen; but things (unfortunately) take time when you wish it to be really quick !

After throwing a few ideas around with Venus for a few months; we decided that it was really time to review the site.  We also took into consideration the fact now that we are really covering many animal rights issues around the world and not just those in relation to Serbia.  We have worked hard with Serbian campaigners for many years; and we hope our work has contributed in attempts to improve conditions for all animals in Serbia.

But as we are now covering so many global animal issues we decided that it was time to give the whole input from us a complete makeover.  And so as a result; we have now established a new site which is going to be called ‘World Animals Voice’ rather than just ‘Serbian Animals Voice’; as the word ‘World’ now reflects the fact that we are covering so many global issues now.  Serbia, and campaigning for animals there, will always remain as an important area for us; But it is a big world out there with lots of (unfortunately) abuse and suffering issues which need to be brought to visitors attention. 

We very much hope that the new site of ‘World Animals Voice’ will do this and that quite literally, the site will become a world voice for animals in need.


The new site can be visited at   

– please keep note of it on your equipment.


The reality of chicken nuggets


SAV as a site will not be deleted; as there is a lot of campaign material there compiled over many years for people to see and use.  But some time in the future we are going to stop publishing posts on SAV and instead move all new material over to World Animals Voice; including anything to do with Serbia.  We are having a new format and style layout which we hope you will enjoy.  This has been decided on in a format which (hopefully) presents the information very much like a magazine.

‘WAV’ is in its infancy; so please stick with us for a while until we get it organised a bit more.  As we say; this site, SAV, will still remain accessible for all our existing posts.

Things have to move on, and we see WAV as a great opportunity to start afresh for ourselves and at the same time, spread wings to cover many global animal welfare / rights issues.


So we hope to see you at the new site –


Regards – Venus and Mark.


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