England: Victory ! – King’s College London has become the first university to declare an end to the cruel forced swim test.



Big result ! – well done people, your voices and protests are being heard – WAV.


We have wonderful news to share with you!

King’s College London has become the first university to declare an end to the cruel forced swim test, in which mice and other small animals are subjected to a terrifying near-drowning experience.

This news comes after PETA provided King’s with evidence that use of the test has repeatedly wasted animals’ lives, public funds, and research hours – all of which screams bad science.

King’s joins Bristol-Myers Squibb, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Bayer, AbbVie, Roche, AstraZeneca, and other top pharmaceutical companies in banning the forced swim test after talks with PETA or our affiliates.

But pharma giant Eli Lilly is refusing to commit to banning these cruel experiments. Please tell the company that nearly drowning small animals has no place in drug development:

Urge Pharmaceutical Giant Eli Lilly to Ban the Near-Drowning of Animals

The “forced swim test” is a widely used experiment that’s as cruel as it is worthless.

Experimenters put mice, rats, guinea pigs, hamsters, or gerbils in inescapable containers filled with water. The panicked animals try to escape by attempting to climb up the sides of the beakers or even by diving underwater in search of an exit. They paddle furiously, desperately trying to keep their heads above water. Eventually, they’ll start to float.

Some pharmaceutical companies have used the test when developing treatments for depression, even though it has been shown that it doesn’t accurately predict whether a drug will work as a human antidepressant.

The forced swim test is bad science. It does nothing more than terrify animals and delay the development of effective new treatments for depression that are so desperately needed. After discussions with PETA US, AstraZeneca, Novo Nordisk, AbbVie and Johnson & Johnson announced that they’ll no longer conduct or fund this cruel test. Roche also stated it has discontinued its use of forced swim tests after hearing from PETA US, PETA Switzerland, and PETA Germany.

Take Action Now!

Pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly are refusing to commit to banning it. Tell them what you think about that by taking action below.


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