Avon DOES Test On Animals – Actions Below.

First, we start with a petition.  Please sign and share, thanks.



Bear Run Down and Crushed to Death by Trucks in Russia – Demand Justice 

Goal: Find and punish the men filmed running down and crushing a bear to death with their trucks in the Yakutia region of Russia.



Feed shelter animals with your purchase:



AVON DOES Test On Animals – Exposed !

China requires that almost all imported cosmetic and personal care products be tested on animals, which means that companies that sell beauty products in the country are paying for these cruel tests—even if they don’t pay for testing in the U.S. market.

One of these brands is Avon, which was cruelty-free but then decided to increase its profits at the expense of animals, which PETA uncovered in 2012.





Avon didn’t need to change its policy on animal testing—China is the one that needs to change. But instead of encouraging the country to rise above cruelty, the company sank to its level.

Let Avon know that it’s not dragging us down with it, because we won’t buy any of its products until it stops selling them in countries that require animal testing.



Tell Avon to stop paying for cruel tests on animals!

For all animals,

Avon Pays for Tests on Animals so That Its Products Can Be Sold in China

Let Avon know that you won’t buy its products until it stops paying for tests on animals.







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