Gang of poachers in Cyprus convicted

The police in Cyprus put one of the most notorious poaching gangs on the island to a halt in November.


Equipped with house search warrants, they found three people with a total of five nets and 366 dead protected songbirds – mostly warblers.
The total fine for the criminal bird catcher known for many years is € 11,660.

It was the biggest blow to organized poaching in Cyprus in years. The police action was preceded by months of research by the Committee against Bird Murder and its partner BirdLife Cyprus, which led to the submission of numerous pieces of evidence.

We are very happy about this successful action against a gang that up to now seemed “untouchable” and despite numerous previous reports, was always able to avoid punishment.

One of the comments was the question that would also be mine: “How will we know if they really pay the fine”?

And the answer from the committee: They will because it´s an administrative fine, they can’t refuse”.

One really must have a sick personality construct to catch the most harmless of the animals, to kill them, and to be proud of it.

My best regards to all, Venus


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