USA: Grubhub Orders For Meat Alternatives Have Skyrocketed 463% In 2020


Grubhub Orders For Meat Alternatives Have Skyrocketed 463% In 2020

Grubhub’s annual ‘Year In Food’ report also shows the popularity of vegan-friendly products have increased by 13%

Grubhub Orders For Meat Alternatives Have Skyrocketed 463% In 2020 (

Orders for meat alternatives have skyrocketed by 463 percent in 2020, according to Grubhub.

The figures come from the American delivery site’s annual Year In Food report, which ‘details the top trends of 2020’.

‘Most vegan-friendly State’

It also found that popularity for vegan-friendly products spiked by 13 percent, a slower increase than the year before where they were up by 27 percent. 

The most popular vegan orders were tofu spring rolls, which were 263 percent more popular this year than last, plant-based burgers which were 251 percent more popular, as well as Black Bean Tacos, Vegan chocolate cake, and Vegan ramen.

New York was listed as the most vegan-friendly state, followed by California, Oregon, Massachusetts, and Illinois. 

Vegan orders

In the UK, vegan delivery orders have also skyrocketed over the last year. 

Deliveroo recently announced its plant-based orders had spiked a staggering 115 percent from 2019 to 2020. 

In a statement sent to Plant Based News, commercial manager and vegan category lead at Deliveroo Elena Devis said: “It’s fantastic to see that Deliveroo customers are embracing the growing choices of vegan dishes available on the platform. 

“Year on year we’ve seen huge growth in demand for plant-based food. And it is our goal as a company to be the go-to platform for healthy and vegan options.”

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