269 Libération Animale: “The whole system must be changed, not only a law article”

📷 Blockade of Vanlommel slaughterhouse on July 20, 2020 (on the visual, we read:

« We don’t want to veganize the world, we want another world! »)

Despite the repression against the activists, direct actions by autonomous and anarchists groups like blockades, liberations and sabotages must continue.

The are various symbols and structures of the speciesist domination that can be targeted, it is a question of daring and putting into practice our ideas, complicities, knowledge, and ingenuity in terms of strategy.

This offensive perspective of the “269 Libération Animale” collective endorses anti-speciesism as a political struggle.

It is a struggle for animal liberation but more generally against all systems of domination. Praxis is inherent in this vision of anti-speciesism, – revolutionary – and built with the oppressed unlike many “animal rights’ associations” that shed light on humans and compassion.

We think that we cannot lead the anti-speciesist struggle without direct confrontations against the speciesist system itself and we do not consider the State and capitalism as allies in this struggle. Indeed, strategies involving them always lead to authoritarian measures that strengthen the control of the State on the lives of the animals like laws and decrees that reform the speciesist system instead of abolishing it.

This cooperation is fake, does not reflect our values, and is a complete betrayal of the animals.

We want to use direct action in order to impact directly the speciesist system of domination and capitalist production tools. We do not aim to raise public awareness but to cause concrete impacts: economic damage, liberations, geographical activism with the creation of sanctuaries.

We refuse to collaborate with the institutional and capitalist power hoping to get little reforms that allow big associations to win members and followers but that abandon our comrades to their fate!

The whole system must be changed, not only a law article.

For more…at https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2020/12/09/269-liberation-animale-the-whole-system-must-be-changed-not-only-a-law-article/


And I mean…«We don’t want to veganize the world, we want another world! »
We already have another world.
But it’s not this one, which we want.
We have allowed our rights to be withdrawn to freedom of expression, information, and security related to Corona.
We have no choice but to do what this system requires of us.
Because at the moment, any resistance is futile and risky.

How are we supposed to change the whole system of animal exploitation then?
Most of the animal rights activists are totally apolitical and system compliant, and no longer willing to participate in direct actions.

I mean the thesis of the group “269 Liberation Animale”- which has 350 members is theoretically very correct.
I just lack the magic wand to implement it in reality.

My best regards to all, Venus


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