Taiji: 85 Dolphins are hunted in this bay for our zoos.

Disturbing footage from Japan: fishermen crowd dolphins into a bay, corner them and capture dozens of animals. At least 85 dolphins were caught

It’s a kind of casting, a terrible selection – according to the Life Investigation Agency (LIA), the whole thing happens to select dolphins for animal parks and aquariums.

At least 85 animals have been torn from their conspecifics in the past few days, reports the “”ladbible” portal.

In Taiji / Japan a dolphin is demarcated. This animal is not slaughtered but sold (Photo: Zhukovandr / Stock.Adobe.com).


According to observers, numerous young animals have also been separated from their mothers.
At least one dolphin was killed.

LIA director Ren Yabuki told Australian broadcaster 9news that many of the animals were desperately trying to fight back.

“They were very stressed and many of them hit the surface of the water with their tail fins.”

They also communicated with each other with clicks and whistles. “It was very sad to hear them screaming together,”  Yakubi said, according to the report.
He has years of experience with dolphins, “but I’ve never heard them scream like that.”

The incidents took place in the infamous bay of Taiji, a small coastal town in Wakayama Prefecture.
It achieved notoriety through the Oscar-winning documentary “The Bay”.

There are regular massacres of dolphins there.



And I mean...Capturing or killing a single dolphin can have catastrophic effects on the entire population.
Dolphins are very social animals.

They have a culture and pass on knowledge within the group. The removal of a single animal can be a heavy blow for smaller herds.

But the big money comes from the dolphins caught alive.

The most beautiful and, from a trainer’s point of view, the most “promising” specimens are then given the dubious honor of spending a life in captivity at unit prices of up to the US $ 200,000 after they have been sold to dolphinariums around the world.

Almost all the dolphins found in dolphinariums or therapy centers come from Taiji.

Japan leads the world with 50 dolphinariums.

But Turkey, Egypt, Dubai, Tunisia, Russia, North and South America, Spain, and of course Germany is also involved in the cruel business.
The demand from tourists, including Germans, fuels greed for money.

The stress that animals are under in aquariums is enormous.

Triggered primarily by noise. Dolphins and orcas can perceive sounds from 150 to 200,000 vibrations.
In humans, this hearing range is between 20 and 20,000 vibrations.

In addition to the noise emissions of a dolphinarium such as applause, cheers, and loudspeaker announcements, the animals are also exposed to the noise of the constantly running water pump.

This noise stresses the animals to the limit.
Therefore, the fish that are fed to them are filled with sedatives.

Animal rights activists and researchers demand personal rights for dolphins and orcas – they should, like us humans, have a fundamental right to undisturbed freedom.

Unfortunately, we are still a long way from that.
Tourism is booming and dolphinariums are billions of dollars.

Canada set a good example just a few weeks ago: captivity and breeding of whales and dolphins is now prohibited by law there.

Hopefully, other countries will follow suit.

My best regards to all, Venus


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