Pumpkin and Jack-a rare friendship

(to see the video click on the picture)

Video Text:

“Pumpkin the fox was found in dire condition
and went through a long period of rehabilitation
his progress has been astonishing
but they noticed something strange in the way he was acting
and then they found out that he was blind
but he’s such a sociable fox
that he made a great friendship with Jack
a small dog in a wheelchair
who became his faithful companion
the sound his wheels make when he walks
shows Pumpkin the way forward
and helps him to orient himself
Jack is a very dedicated guide
a true blind leader
who has taken responsibility to protect Pumpkin and overcome adversity

Thanks to this beautiful friendship
there’s nothing that can separate them “

Actually, the support between the two disabled animals works better than it would have worked between humans.
You don’t even notice their difficult fates.
They both enjoy life.
We can learn a lot from animals and also from the people who gave them this chance

My best regards to all, Venus

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