Hof Butenland: Sunday with Eberhard and Pippilotta

Well, Eberhard doesn’t look bad.
Actually, he wanted to spend Sunday on a beach towel, but Pippilotta was quicker.

And here on Butenland, it’s not only the principle of “get up, take a seat” that applies, but also “whoever comes first doesn’t get to to be served first, but may lie down as long as she or he likes”.

Fortunately, unlike on Mallorca, the reservation of beach towels has not yet taken hold here.

The only thing that helps now is the natural charm of our heartbreaker of the old boar school.

Since Pippilotta plays in the lower leagues in terms of butt volume, there is actually still room for several calibres in the order of magnitude of Ebi’s extended back.

I’m sure we’ll get a flower for that later, after all, Eberhard is the head of the department in our garden centre.


And we mean…Pretty brave by Pippilotta, a boar with visible tusks, worn like the legendary cigar by Al Capone, so cool to stand up to him….

We love strong, courageous women!

Regards to all, Venus

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