Famous Anti-Corrida Fighter Jean Pierre Garrigues Has Passed Away Aged Only 53 Years.

SAV Comment – Terrible news.  We hope that others will pick up the fight to undertake all the dedicated work JP did.  His work and efforts to protect animals being abused for fun will be sadly missed.  Thank you for your compassion and respect for all living beings Jean Pierre.

Hi Mark,
I have just read today that the famous anti-corrida fighter Jean Pierre Garrigues has died. He was only 53 years old.

I am very sad, I knew him from the media and the press reports as an activist that even the aficionados were afraid of him.

Because he acted directly during a bullfight, and has often managed to cancel a fight; he was a very passionate anti-bullfighting activist.

Now the bulls have one supporter less.
Just sad.










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