human supremacy

Who said that justice and morality apply to all living beings?

Nazis, inquisitors, slave drivers and generally all butchers in world history have never before been able to act with justice and morality.

If we didn’t do what happens in the video with the worst criminals, then logically we can’t do it with animals.
And yet! we do it!

Why can’t we

-Transport people for days without food and water?

-Get human mothers pregnant again and again in order to steal their milk?

-Take away their children from the human mothers so that the human babies do not drink the milk?

-Killing the human babies and processing them into meat and sausage?

Why not? Where is the Problem?

Oh yes! humans have rights and animals don’t, because … … because we human animals have just defined this fascist supremacy!

My best regards to all, Venus


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