Archaic, barbaric structures must be abolished

AnimaNaturalis España has infiltrated a cruel folk fiesta of cowardly, disgusting sadists and keeper of “tradition”.

It is about a competition in which balls consisting of tar and sulfur are attached to the horns of the bull and set on fire. The tar slowly melts and begins to drip, causing deep burns to the animal. The burning liquid penetrates his eyes and scorches them.

The bull, of course, panics and desperately tries to put out its burning horns. If this does not happen, the bull will be burned alive.

The audience roars with pride that they uphold a culture of prehistoric men.

As civilized people, we cannot justify barbaric practices by saying that they have a “long tradition”.
In less developed countries there is also “traditional stoning” and maybe there is also “traditional slavery” somewhere.

If a “tradition” keeps people in archaic, barbaric structures, it should be abolished

My best regards to all, Venus

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