Joaquin Phoenix: “fight for animal rights every day”!


“I don`t want to cause pain to another living, empathic creature.  It is absurd and barbaric”!



Star of the Hollywood smash ‘Joker’, actor and activist Joaquin Phoenix explains why he first went vegan and continues to fight for animal rights every day.

He recently joined activists during the Be Fair Be Vegan campaign in Toronto.

Be Fair Be Vegan:  “we are a cutting-edge social justice advertising campaign, bringing attention to the plight of non-human animals exploited for human gains.

Featuring moving billboards supported by a range of other advertising media, our ads aim to introduce viewers to the faces and feelings of the animals we use for food, clothing, research and entertainment.

Our provocative slideshows have been displayed in some of the highest-profile billboard locations in the world (including Times Square and the Javits Center in New York City), inviting passers-by to consider the circumstances of the victims of the animal industry, while seeing them for who they are: sentient beings who value their lives”.


My comment: One waits for the subway and MUST look at the cruel images of reality.

He must. This reality can no longer be left behind the scenes.
All who participate in this cruel daily crime deserve no peace.
The pictures are not cruel, the reality is cruel.
If such pictures are hard to bear for some, that is hypocrisy.

Because those who do not want to see the pictures are the ones who cause the creation of these pictures, this torture.
If someone sees this as a disorder, then he should imagine how the animals perceive their torture.

Excellent campaign and even better the implementation!
We wish more of this direct confrontation.

My best regards to all, Venus


One Response

  1. We need such actions at the entrance of all restaurants and places where corpses and secrets of victims of human greed are sold.

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