Animals are also tortured on World Animal Day

Even if it is popular among animal lovers on this day to ponder “OTHER ANIMALS”, and posts of this kind =how terrible is animal suffering!!! = flood the internet , we would like to remind you, that the majority of the “other animals” never had basic rights on this planet even for an hour.

Therefore we dedicate the day to this animal and will try to describe its fate truthfully.

Let’s look at this photo!

It is an enslaved monkey who is forced to perform tricks and is therefore brutally abused beforehand.
No living being deserves to be mistreated like this!
Animals also have feelings and we can imagine how this monkey feels.

Robbed family, lifelong imprisonment and torture of the most brutal kind, an existence as an entertainment convict that no felon has to fear in his country.
He is given the right to life as long as he is useful as a slave.

We treat animals like rubbish. Just throw them away or abuse them as we feel like it.
Although animals have just as much a right to their lives as we do.

But animal rights are nowhere in the world. Not a single animal, from mussels to chimpanzees, has a single right. Nowhere.

What animal laws regulate (if they exist at all and at best) is only to limit the power of disposition of humans to animals.

That is why we fight and demand for animals (at least for the thinking, feeling ones among them, i.e. those with consciousness) subjective rights in analogy to human rights, specifically at least the right to life, freedom, integrity; simply because they have a comparable interest rights as we humans have.

And we will not only do it on this one day of the year, but we fight tirelessly and uncompromisingly for basic rights for all feeling, thinking individuals.

My best regards to all, Venus

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