Adam Oswell and the „Elephant in the Room“.

Adam Oswell – Wildlife Photojournalist named “Wildlife Photographer of the Year”!

This picture shows zoo visitors in Thailand who watch a young slave elephant playing the clown underwater.

In Thailand there are now more elephants in captivity (around 3,800 animals) than in the wild.

All over the world, animals in zoos, circuses and shows suffer so that their slave owners make money

Never entertain your children where other animals are being abused.

And I mean…Thanks to a coincidence of evolution, humans are fortunate enough to be able to exercise power over other living beings.

He uses this to proclaim himself as the crowning glory of creation and to regard all other beings as serving him.

So that we feel better, so that we can make progress in our knowledge, we take the right to enslave other living beings, to be able to inflict pain on them.

This is man.
It annihilates, destroys, poisons, pollutes, suppresses.
If we don’t stop multiplying there will be a terrible end.
For human and non-human animals.

Regards to all, Venus

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