UK: Dr Hawden Trust Announces New Medical Research Scholarships That Do Not Involve Any Animal Testing or Research.

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The Dr Hawden Trust (DHT) is the UK’s leading non animal medical research charity.

About them in their own worfds –

Today they have announced this years studentship projects; covering a wide range of human illness research without causing the suffering of any animals.

A full review of each of the projects associated with non animal human benefit research can be found by clicking on the following link:

Announcing 14 new Summer Studentship projects

We are delighted to announce that your support will allow the DHT to fund 14 Summer Studentships this year – our greatest number yet.

The projects will take place at universities up and down the country, from Plymouth to Edinburgh, and cover a wide range of research from tuberculosis to prostate cancer. With 3D cell culture and ‘on-a-chip’ technology developing at such a fast pace, several of our studentships will explore the latest ways to develop these techniques.

All the students will be undertaking research that will increase our understanding of devastating diseases while helping to replace the use of animals in medical research.

Further details about the projects are on our website.

If you’d like to help support this work, you can make a donation on our website or via PayPal.

Thank you!

P.S. If you live or work around Hitchin, please drop off your donations for our new vegan charity shop at our office in Portmill Lane. We are here Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm. Thank you!


Here at SAV we see these kind of research projects without using animals as the positive way forward.  Animals are different to us as a species; and the react differently to medications and research drugs that are put into them to find a ‘cure’ for human sickness.  In our opinion, you should remove the animal research from the tests and instead, concentrate specifically and directly on the human system and what it can / cannot do.  We fully support the work of DHT and are positive that much more progress into human illness and cures will be achieved through their non animal approach instead of the outdated, risky and very antiquated approach that some still hold that animal research is the only way forward.

We feel that the work which be undertaken with these new projects will present a lot of new and exciting results.


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