England: Jeskyns – Hedgehog Houses, Bee Hotels and Fairy Gardens !


As you can read in ‘About Us’ – https://serbiananimalsvoice.com/about-us/  we do volunteering for the Forestry Commission England.  All our work is for a huge woodland park named ‘Jeskyns’ which is about 1 mile from home.

Here is the Jeskyns park community link if you wish to see more – https://www.facebook.com/jeskynscommunitywoodland/   – as you can see, the site is very wildlife and dog friendly.

At Jeskyns there is a ‘Fairy’ woodland area which is aimed at very young children.  The ‘fairy’ theme is used to try and encourage them into thinking that fairies live in the park and they should try to follow what the fairies do by looking after trees; wildlife and good things in general.


Lots of fairy homes have been made and are located in the fairy garden area for the children to find.  ‘Mushroom Manor’ is a favourite. 


As you can see, many of the children leave little presents – sweets, toys, and even a few coins; plus many notes and letters for the fairies.

Over the past few weeks we have been constructing some Hedgehog Houses with the hope that we can encourage more hedgehogs into the area and hopefully get them to breed in the Spring.  The houses are strong and secure and allow the hedgehogs to take in leaves and bracken etc so that they can ‘fit out’ their secure homes to their liking.

One hedgehog house has been located in the Fairy Garden area with the hope that it will encourage the children visitors to follow the fairies advice and find out more about helping the hedgehogs.  As you can see from the photo; a few labels have been added – ‘Hedgehogs need homes too’ – with the hope that the children will learn more about helping our native hedgehogs.

You can see lots of other activities at Jeskyns by visiting the ‘photo’ section via the following link –  https://www.facebook.com/pg/jeskynscommunitywoodland/photos/?ref=page_internal

As we say, the park does a lot to encourage dog visits; supported by links to dog welfare organisations.  In addition, as you would expect from the Forestry Commission of England; woodland habitat protection and preserving the wildlife which lives in it is paramount.  This also includes keeping the many lakes on the site clean and free from invading weed growth.  You can see some weed clearing photos on the above link.

There is regular pruning of the fruit trees to make sure we get as many apples as possible for sale and give away at the Jeskyns café.  The Jeskyns orchards have an amazing 756 different varieties of apple trees ! –  and with our bee hotels (also on site) we encourage new pollinator bees to breed on site and then go forth and pollinate all the fruit trees.



We try to work with nature to help nature – and the positive results are beneficial to both humans and wildlife.



Here are a few links to past post relating to Jeskyns:


Lots of great videos in the following link:










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