Denmark wants to end the tethering of dairy cows

Denmark will prohibit the tethering of cattle from 2027 and is thus taking a forward-looking step towards the more animal-friendly keeping of cattle.

PROVIEH calls on the German government to take a role model from our neighboring country and also to ban as soon as possible the form of husbandry that is not compatible with the Animal Welfare Act.

Cows in chains, Germany


October 13, 2020: The Danish government has decided to phase out the tethering of cattle.
By 2027, the fixation of social and curious animals in Denmark will be a thing of the past.

Organic farms will have to get out of tethering as early as 2024, and the ban will even apply to new buildings in 2022.

PROVIEH welcomes this decision in favor of animals.

Denmark’s Agriculture Minister Mogens Jensen described the decision as a compromise solution through which animal welfare is actively promoted, but which also gives farmers sufficient time to adapt to the new rules thanks to the transition periods.

PROVIEH would like an equally energetic government that credibly implements the state goal of animal protection anchored in the Basic Law and also in Germany puts an end to the permanent restraint of animals.

“Denmark is showing courage with the long-overdue abolition of tethering – I would like our government to show similar courage.

Tethering deprives the social, curious cattle of any opportunity to express their own behavior and is not compatible with the Animal Welfare Act.

That is why Germany should urgently follow suit. “ (Anne Hamester, specialist for cattle at PROVIEH)

Cows in chains, Germany

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And I mean…The “tethering”: it is one of the most painful practices of the milk mafia!

That means for each of these cattle: to spend 275 days a year on a 2 m2 area, tied at the neck with a chain or between two metal rods. So getting up and lying down remains the only movement that is still possible.

They can’t walk around, turn around, or even lick areas of itchy skin.
Often the cows are tied so closely together that they cannot lie down at the same time.

It is a crime that is done to cattle when they have to eke out their lives in one place in small, dark stables with a chain around their necks.

Not even straw is required by law and so the animals lie on the hard concrete floor.

Their entire life the cows live in a dark barn that is dirty with feces. Lying in one’s own excrement causes protracted and painful udder diseases and skin wounds.

Although many sides are calling for a ban on this cruelty to animals, the lobbyist of the meat industry and German Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner speaks out against a ban on this attitude.

It is a shame for Germany that this person is still in this post.

Denmark is so far the only EU country that expressly prohibits the incorporation of laws from 2022.

In the rest of the EU, the milk and meat mafia successfully prevented an explicit ban, because for them the cows are one thing above all else: milk machines and meat.

We will continue to oppose this painful bondage, no animal is born to live in chains.
We are sure that tethering will soon be a thing of the past.

We are working hard on it!

My best regards to all, Venus


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