England: New ‘Fur For Animals’ Campaign Launched by ‘Respect for Animals’ – Check It Out !







Project aim

Fur for Animals

We are an anti-fur group. Funding will pay for a global competition to find great new social media messages spotlighting fur’s cruelty.


We are Respect for Animals and we campaign every day against the cruel and unnecessary fur industry – an international trade that kills 100 million animals every year.

Our original award-winning ‘Dumb Animals’ poster and cinema advertising led to the exposure of the cruelty of the fur trade and prompted society’s rejection of fur wearing in the UK.

We now plan to launch a new global ‘fur for animals’ campaign using effective social media messaging to raise awareness that fur is cruel and buying fur perpetuates animal suffering.  

We will work with the world’s TOP design and creative colleges and sponsor a global competition to produce a new ‘Dumb Animals’ campaign fit for the 21st Century.  The world has changed since the first wave of anti-fur campaigns and so has the way and where fur is sold. 

We need to evolve and step up our campaign. With your help, we can.

Here is our original cinema advert:




Dear friend

We have just launched a Crowdfunding campaign to fund our new exciting campaign, ‘Fur for Animals’.

We’re going to be taking on the fur trade with a 21st Century campaign to rival our original award winning ‘Dumb Animals’ adverts in the 1990s, which led to a change in attitudes to fur in the UK. 

But now, several years later,, due to new demand for fur in Russia and China, more animals are being killed for their fur than ever before.

We know you are one of our most committed supporters and we need your help.

So please take a look at our Crowdfunding page, decide what donation you want to pledge and check out what reward you qualify for!

We urgently need the funding to fulfill our aim of working with some of the world’s top young designers that will take social media by storm and raise awareness about the cruelty of fur around the world.







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