EU RESOLUTION for Stray Animals – German and English Versions Now Available

This is the reality of European Stray Animals in just one country

Take Action:-


Our friends and fellow campaigners at the Association for Aid and Support of the Creole Dogs have now kindly added an English Language version of the EU Resolution for anyone wishing to sign.  Simply click on the following link, and once at the site, click on the Union flag for the English version, which will appear at the bottom.

Click on the flag again and it will give you the German language version.






                  This concerns us all !
The Association for the Aid and Support of Creole Dogs asks you to sign the resolution
created by the European Association for the Protection of Animals and Environment/Europäischer Tier- und Naturschutz e.V. and the Alliance against Abuse of Animals/Bund gegen Mißbrauch der Tiere e.V. in order to establish finally the rights of stray animals in the European legislation, the right to live and to be treated humanely.

The European stray animals and those among us who are fighting for them, have been waiting for this for a long time.

The resolution shall be presented to the European Parliament and the European Comission in Brussel October 4th, the world animal welfare day.

*** UPDATE *** signatures will now be accepted until the end of the year, not just until the 4th of October which gives us more time.

We need at least 100 000 signatures.
We ask all animal welfare associations and organisations to send the resolution to all their members and ask them to sign. Please send the resolution also to other associations and organisations and put it also on your home page for downloading.
The BMT has installed a page on their web site  where one can sign the resolution online for all those who cannot send it back by post:
At the bottom of the page you find the underlined spaces for names and addresses.
The ETN has the resolution online with the link:

We thank wholeheartedly all those who help with their signature  the stray animals of Europe to obtain legal rights.

                 Isabel Gorski-Grobe
            Association for Aid and Support
                 of the Creole Dogs











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