Serbia: Shelter Pictures and News from Jelena and Slavica

We are going to share with you some great news and pictures from the shelters of both Jelena and Slavica.


First, Jelena:


We received New Year greetings from our ‘Olive’ who is now in Austria !




Olive says hello to her new owner




 Olive all wrapped up ready for Christmas


‘Bane’ who is now in Austria




Bane at home in the warm




Bane enjoying the snow in Austria


And now Slavica:


This is ‘Bundas’ who was left at the shelter.


Bundas was dumped by his owner who did not want him any more.  Bundas is a very kind and sweet dog who was very sad when his owner was gone, despite what his owner had done by dumping him.


Bundas is very welcome to EPAR shelter, we love him very much.




Bundas at the Shelter


This is ‘Aki’, a very kind and sweet female, and her new owner.  They will live in Subotica.  We will  visit them  after 3-6 months to ensure that everything is going ok.  The lady (new owner) has signed a contract to say that she will provide care for Aki.






Aki with her loving new owner


Here are pictures of ‘Agnes’. 








Pictures of Agnes on arrival at EPAR Shelter


Agnes arrived at the EPAR shelter from Belgrade, where he had lived on the streets.  Agnes was named after the lady (Mrs. Strugar) who with her husband Llija, gave care to as many street dogs as possible.


Mrs. Strugar asked EPAR if they could take two dogs which they were caring for, Agnes being one, and the other dog who is not named, is so very scared that he spends most of his time currently at the EPAr shelter in his wooden house.  It is not possible to show a photo at the moment of this dog, as he eats and drinks in his little wooden house, and because he was beaten with a shovel whilst living on the streets of Belgrade, naturally he is very scared of people and what could happen to him.


Mrs. Strugar has been described as an Angel in Belgrade, as she rescues as many little puppies as she can find from the garbage containers on the streets when people have just dumped their dogs into them.  For several weeks at the start of their ‘meeting’, Mrs. Strugar started to give some food to both agnes and the other dog now at EPAR shelter, building up their confidence in people.  Once this had been done, Mrs. Strugar was able to help Agnes and the other dog by asking if it was possible for the animals to be taken in by EPAR shelter.  This was agreed on and they were both moved to the shelter.


The EPAR vet provided Agnes with essential vitamins for his coat, and he was given a complete wash to help any skin problems he was having. He now has a big, warm coat to keep him cosy in the winter months.   The other dog, who has now been named ‘Llja’, is also healthy and being cared for, but he is still very wary of people.  He will gradually improve with all the care and love he is getting at EPAR shelter.


Agnes and Llja are now being cared for very much at the EPAR shelter, they have a home to live in, have had medical treatment, and are getting to learn that not all humans want to hurt and kill them.  Some humans want to help and protect them. 


Belgrade is a very dangerous place for all street animals, Agnes and Llja were two lucky dogs who were helped by good people in belgrade, and who brought them all the way to EPAR shelter, Subotica, using their own transport.


Belgrade is a city with many shinters out on the streets looking for animals to capture and kill.  The introduction of a No Kill Sterilisation, vaccination and Microchipping / Identification management programme would ensure that street animals in Belgrade do not have the opportunity to meet with dogs owned by careless owners who turn their own dogs onto the street each day and most importantly, to reproduce and make yet more and more stray dogs which have to be caught and killed by the shinters.


Everyone apart from Senior Serbian Veterinary persons and all those in Serbian Government can see that No Kill Sterilisation is the only sensible way forward to reduce street and stray animal numbers.  So it has to be asked why they in government are still so ignorant and dismissive of the only sensible solution to stray animal management.  We would like them to explain to us why they are so many years behind animal welfare NGO’s on the issue of stray animal control management.


For your information, in recent studies undertaken by the HSUS in the United States of America,


Average number of litters a fertile cat can produce in one year: 3

Average number of kittens in a feline litter: 4-6

Average number of litters a fertile dog can produce in one year: 2

Average number of puppies in a canine litter: 6-10

One unspayed dog and her offspring can lead to 67,000 dogs in six years.


One unspayed cat and her offspring can produce 400,000 cats in seven years.


(Source The Humane Society of the United States, “HSUS Pet Overpopulation Estimates,” 2004)”.

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For Slavic’s EPAR shelter information, including donation information, please access the following SAV links:


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