Serbia: EPAR Shelter Saves Klementina the Pigs Bacon

The pig which you can see in the photographs is named ‘Klementina’.






Originally, Klementina’s owner brought her along to the EPAR shelter because she had a bad back leg and she was of no use to him.  He told the shelter staff that Klementina could be killed, her body cut up and fed to the dogs in the shelter !


So Klementina was taken in by the shelter, but with a completely different view on what would be done to her.  There was no way that Klementina was going to end up as dog food !


As EPAR is a No Kill shelter and takes care of every animal which comes through its gates, there was no way that the new arrival Klementina was going to end up dead and cut up as chunks of dog food.


So immediately a nice warm area was found for Klementina to live in, and she was given loads of food which she loved.  Because of her bad leg, it was decided to immediately try and get Klementina veterinary help to diagnose the problem and hopefully make it better. 




In Her Warm, Dry Shelter


Eventually, this last summer, a vet with the right equipment needed was found and Klementina was taken along for some x-rays of her leg.  You can see photograph of her being x-rayed by the veterinarian.




Klementina Arrives At the Vets




X-Rays are Taken




And She is Given a Full Check


The result of the x-rays showed that Kelmentina has some trouble with her pelvis articulation, but the very good news is that there is NOT a fracture as was originally suspected.  Because of this, Klementina does not need to have an operation at the moment. 


Her progress will be monitored carefully over the next few months and then if there are no real improvements in the use or movement of her leg, surgery may then need to be undertaken with regard an artificial articulation joint into her pelvis.


But now, Kelementina is a very happy pig – you can see her smiling in the photograph.  In the Spring of next year, a new home will be made for Klementina so that she can really live like a very happy pig.




A Happy, Smiling Pig Enjoying Her Lunch


EPAR has really saved Klementina’s bacon, and everyone is very happy that she is currently doing so well.  We really hope that in the next few months, the leg articulation will greatly improve.  If it does not, now it is known what can be done to help Klementina’s trouble.


The best thing is that Klementina is still alive and has not become dog food; she is in fact a great friend of many of the dogs.


Get Well Soon Klementina ! 


Please View New EPAR Shelter videos at:




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