USA (California): Any Chance of Life For Californian Shelter Animals ? – USA Supporters Please Read On …..





California’s notorious central valley animal shelters are said to have the highest kill rate in the entire United States, according to many experts (some say as high as 80%).

The Fresno City Council decided to cut the Fresno SPCA’s budget a devastating 10%!! As if conditions weren’t bad enough?!?!? Add to that Governor Schwarzenegger’s plan to euthanize innocent shelter animals in 3 days, shelter animals will have no chance to live the life they deserve:

PLEASE e-mail or fax the Fresno City Council members and let them know how you feel about this death sentence to innocent animals.

Also, please e-mail or fax the city council members and implore them to PLEASE pass a mandatory spay and neuter law immediately in Fresno, just as Clovis did recently :-


Contact info can be found here:

Don’t forget to cc your e-mail to the Mayor of Fresno:

To help the animals at the Central Valley SPCA, go here:

Please cross post! Thank you! 


Above is a direct re-print of information supplied by one of our US contacts. – SAV.

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