Spain: **URGENT** 56 dogs in grave danger. IMPORTANT to take action NOW (Before Friday 19th). Please FORWARD.


**URGENT** 56 dogs in grave danger. IMPORTANT to take action NOW. Please FORWARD.

In the Arahal municipality near Seville 56 innocent dogs, adults and puppies, have until this Friday the 19th before being taken to the infamous Seville dog pound for their destruction unless we all take action immediately.

The Council’s chief of Environment Luis López Minguet has been blowing hot and cold since July last year, it was his the idea of starting a shelter in this small town promising the volunteers that the Council would help in every way should they start an official shelter, which they did. Then he found premises for the dogs three times and three times the volunteers were given the order to take all the animals away immediately. This last time they were threatened with sending the dogs to the Seville dog pound if by this Friday they have not vacated the place. During the phone interview with Mr. López Minguet this morning with the writer of this, he admitted that the Seville dog pound was terrible, added that the Council has no money to help the volunteers after all(although they have renewed the contract with the dreadful Seville dog pound earlier this year), denied that he had made any promises and ended up saying he had no solutions for the 56 dogs. Surprisingly, he said that he was going to call the volunteers about some animals abandoned in a field and talked as if he was looking for places in other Spanish shelters himself, something wich is untrue. He came across as a flaky character with no sense of responsibility.

Since July last year the volunteers have taken in 150 dogs and given 67 in adoption. The local police call them every time there are abandoned or injured animals following the Council’s instructions but the 6000 euros annualy go to the Seville dog pound…

You can see the photos of some of the 56 innocents at 

Please write today to the Arahal Council demanding an ethical solution for the 56 dogs of the Gran Familia animal protection volunteers.

Addresses to do so:,,,  

and go to 

where you can leave a message.

A sample short message in Spanish is provided for you below.

Thank you.

Para el Alcalde Sr. Miguel A. Márquez González:

Le ruego encuentre una solución ética para los 56 perros que han sido condenados a ser destruídos en la infame perrera de Sevilla sino abandonan este viernes 19 el lugar donde actualmente se encuentran. La organización Gran Familia de protección de animales ha recogido 150 perros desde julio del año pasado y fue constituida en primer lugar por la promesa del Consejero delegado de Medio Ambiente Sr. López Minguet de recibir todo tipos de ayuda, lo que ahora niega. Eso me parece inaceptable, las promesas deben cumplirse, sobre todo cuando se refieren a seres vivos mamíferos que sufren el dolor y la angustia como nosotros.

Esperando su pronta acción favorable se despide atte.,

 name and country

Translation: To the Mayor Mr. Miguel A. Márquez González.

I beg you to find an ethical solution for the 56 dogs that have been sentenced to be destroyed at the infamous Seville dog pound if they are not out of their current premises by Friday 19th. The Gran Familia organization has picked up 150 dogs since July last year and was born because the Chief of Environment promised them every kind of help and support that he now denies. That is unacceptable to me, promises must be kept, especially when they have to do with sentient beings that suffer pain and anguis just like we do. Hoping for a favourable outcome etc.

India (Delhi): Young Male Kitten In Need of Home


Can anyone help to find a good home for this little guy as soon as possible.

The message sent by Nikhil from delhi is given below, along with telephone number and e mail address.

Please spread the word, thanks – SAV.


Yeah – you looking at me ? ? ?



From: nikhil khanna <>
Subject: adoption in delhi
Date: Tuesday, 16 June, 2009, 8:22 PM


i want a kitten to be adopted – a male kitten which is rescued by me, as my cat does not like him so it is very big problem to prevent her attack on this little one, i want it  urgent ASAP, he is around one month old and little weak and the good thing is that he has started eating solid food so not much problem for his eating habits ,

and will gain weight in a week or so .