Australia: New Petition – EU to Boycott Aus Meat Due to Organised Killings of 440,000 Joeys Every year. Please Sign


Seal clubbing has been banned and so must this!



Imagine the peaceful scene, a kangaroo looks out across the Australian night; her baby joey in her pouch and an adolescent kangaroo by her side. A shot rings out and she falls to the ground. Confused, the older joey hops away into the bush in panic. Helpless and terrified, the baby joey is ripped from his mother’s pouch and thrown to the ground. 

A metal bar is raised and brought down with force; smashing his tiny head as his mother lies dying at his side unable to save her baby. This scene is repeated every single night in Australia, over and over again. Please help us end the largest massacre of land animals on the planet today. 

Australia exports kangaroo meat to 48 countries. According to figures supplied by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, in 2008 this business alone was worth $83.6 million.
Kangaroo shooters work all night, driving especially equipped four-wheel-drive vehicles that can usually carry up to 50 carcasses. Their prey is transfixed by a high-powered lamp and shot through the head. They are bled on the truck before being eviscerated and having their heads, tails, and sometimes limbs removed. If the kangaroo is a female with young, the National Code of Practice for Humane Shooting of Kangaroos and Wallabies for Commercial Purposes states the hairless joey (in-pouch)must be killed by having it’s head cut off or a single forceful blow to the base of the skull.  For the young-at-foot a single shot to the brain or heart.

Dror Ben-Ami states in a new report that by conservative estimates 440,000 joeys die every year. There is also evidence, he says, that 40 per cent of the adults are not killed by a clean shot to the head, but by a more painful and illegal shot to the jaw or neck. Second, there is no sustainability for the declining kangaroo population.  In 1880 the population was estimated at some 240 Million animals (Chisholm 1963) but 2008 estimates put that same population at some ,  25.8 Million kangaroos.

This trade must be banned in Europe! Please sign this petition.  

Seal clubbing has been banned and so must this!—440000-joeys-killed-every-year