Uk: Uk Citizens Required to Take Part in DEFRA Consultation on Use of Wild Animals in Circuses


VERY IMPORTANT! – You Can Stop Animal Circuses by Taking Part.

Defra consultation on use of wild animals in circuses (UK)]


DEFRA have today launched a three month consultation on the use of wild
animals in circuses. See link below.

It is vital that we get the maximum number of submissions in favour of a

It is of concern that the government are not consulting on just a ban
which shows how much influence the animal circus lobby have in Defra and
government circles.

Earlier this year Bolivia banned the use of all animals in circuses with
support from the very top of its progressive and compassionate minded
government. Other countries have also banned wild animals in circuses or
are in process of doing so. That Britain (a country that is supposed to
be ahead of the game on animal welfare) still allows it is truly

Even now with the way this consultation is worded we see that
there is a lack of moral and political leadership on this issue.

It is also just a few months before a general election and the consultation is
being launched just days before Christmas, after the government have
dragged their feet for months and months.This can be seen as  Defra
manipulating the process to ensure the launch is not picked up on widely
in the media or by the public and that time could run out to implement
any action before the election.

You can submit your submission online at link below.

Please go carefully with the questions as some are geared towards self or statutory
regulation rather than a total ban.
Here are some answers to those types of questions:
#9: NO. As with any sort of social progress, (eg: the end of slavery), adjustments will need to be made and those profiting from the exploitation of animals, will need to seek other means to supplement their greedy profiteering at the expense of other sentient beings. There must be a total ban!
#13: There is no appropriate answer to this question as it is contrary to the position that wild animals should be banned from traveling circuses because of the inherent cruelty in: forcing animals to perform; in confining animals to cages, crates, trucks, boxcars, chains; the inherent cruelty in removing them from their natural habitats and family groups; in depriving them of everything that is natural to their lives, when lived as the Creator intended. There must be a total ban!
#14: This question is objectionable as it departs from a self-serving premise that animals can/should  be allowed in travelling circuses!  That is unacceptable! There must be a total ban!
#16: Absolutely! Restrictions should constitute a ban at all times on the use of all animals in circuses. The hours and environment are not those that should be decided by organizations; these animals should be left in the wild or placed in sanctuaries where they can live out their days in as close to a natural setting as possible. There must be a total ban!

Also, please keep a record of when you put your submission in. 


 Letters to local and regional press informing people of the consultation
are also helpful.


‘if not you…. then who?’
South East Animal Rights

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