Italy: Protest Campaign Against the New Proposed Hunting Law


Protest campaign against the new proposed hunting law

Say NO to extension of the hunting season in Italy

Since Silvio Berlusconi‘s (photo right) re-election as ItalianPrime Minister in 2008 his hunting-friendly government has attempted to emasculate the country’s hunting law on a number of occasions. To date three such initiatives have been stopped as the absurd draft proposals have led to a storm of protest and substantial resistance by politicians and the public. In summer 2009 we managed to stop new proposals by Senator Orsi. His draft law included an extension of the hunting season, hunting in nature reserves, more huntable species and hunting licences for 16 year olds.
As a ‘frontal assault’ by the Berlusconi administration is clearly doomed to failure, they are now turning to salami tactics. In December 2009, Senator Giacomo Santini from Berlusconi‘s PDL party has submitted a proposal for a new law which would lead to an enormous extension of the hunting season.

Present regulations permit hunting from the 3rd Sunday in September to the end of January – one of the shortest hunting seasons in Europe at present! The Santini proposal foresees permitting hunting of Turtle Dove and Quail from the beginning of August, and the shooting of Blackbirds and other song birds until the end of February.

The Italian nature and wildlife protection organisations are targeting three of Berlusconi’s ministers. They are all in key positions (EU Legislation, Environment and Deputy Prime Minister) and their actions could be decisive in determining the success or failure of the new proposals to make the law books.

Do your bit now – 3 mails for 3 ministers

 This new protest campaign targets three ministers in key positions who could help to determine the success or failure of the new proposals for extension of the hunting season.

You are now only two clicks away!   Please send all three pre-drafted protest mails (in Italian and German) to :

Andrea Ronchi, Minister for EU Legislation …. click here »»

Stefania Prestigiacomo, Minister for the Environment …. click here »»

Gianni Letta, Deputy Prime Minister …. click here »»

The texts in English:

Dear Minister …,Yours sincerely

As a European citizen I wish to express my indignation about the new draft hunting law proposals and ask you to do all in your power to prevent them becoming law. Hunting in Italy has had a long term negative effect on wildlife and the environment. If the government introduces legislation to extend the hunting season migrant birds, which are part of our common natural resource, will be even more endangered. A powerful argument against the new proposals is that 90 % of your countrywomen and countrymen oppose such changes.

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