That is peasant love!

“We love our animals”
… Farmers always tell us this when another animal scandal is uncovered.


Then listen to this tiny baby goat cry out in pain as the farmer pushes a red-hot metal stick into her head.

It has nothing to do with love. In technical jargon, this is called “dehorning”.

It is done to prevent the horns from growing. Of course without anesthetics, of course without painkillers, in order to have no costs for an animal.

That is peasant love!
Their brothers and sisters crouch in the corner and witness the traumatizing process before their turn.
This procedure is standard around the world.


Rock the Natur, Germany

And I mean…The the reason that the farm animal lives at all is for any kind of satisfaction of human animals: if an animal is needed to eat, it is allowed to live. But if it is no longer needed, then it must not live. The slaughter comes then.

And no! humans have no right to decide that animals must be tortured and killed for their consumption.
That has always been the cornerstone of any fascist system.

So … do the carnivores claim that they don’t have to give a reason why animals are forcibly impregnated, imprisoned, deprived of their children, exploited, tortured, and killed when they are not productive? Seriously?

This is what you get from raising consumers and system servants instead of compassionate people.

At birth, every person has only positive qualities, such as love, honesty, justice, etc.

But the system does not benefit from it and breeds its members to be indifferent racists, speciesists, in a word: the system breeds us to be fascists against the “other” animals.

My best regards to all, Venus


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