Germany: 22/02/10 Update – Fox ‘Week’ Killings Go On and On for Weeks





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03/02/10 –

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The ‘Fox Week’ (???) of mass killing by German hunters just seems to go on for a lot more than just a week; now around 3 weeks since we published out first photographs.

9 new foxes found on 22/02/10 –  Several look mutilated – more than just being hit by a bullet !! 

We hear that it is now claimed that foxes are being killed because they have Mange !! – we know from experience that foxes with mange DO NOT have beautiful tails such as these shown in the pictures.  A bad tail region is always the first sign of a fox with mange.  Mange then spreads over the hind quarters and continues up to the eyes, causing severe eye infections.

This ‘Mange’ talk by the hunters is nothing but lies and another bent reason they have to invent in order to go out and kill perfectly healthy animals.

If you want to see a real fox with real mange, then go to the (Uk) NFWS site – 

Even animals with such a bad mange infection such as shown can be treated over weeks to the situation where they can be released back into the wild, rather than blasted to death as loved by German hunters.

There is NEVER a need to kill foxes with mange; and the German foxes DO NOT HAVE MANGE.

German hunters trying find yet more excuses to justify their blood lust.

The German hunters Blood Lust results for this week (22/02/10) are as follows:

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