Italy and the United Kingdom ban foie gras-excellent!

The United Kingdom will ban the import of foie gras and 13 large Italian supermarkets have decided to stop selling this product, considered by the EU as harmful, due to the mistreatment it entails for animals.

While the production of foie gras is illegal in the UK as a cruel practice, the country still imports approximately 200 tonnes of the product from abroad each year.

However, after fierce campaigns by animal rights organizations, the import of foie gras to the UK will finally be banned in a new post-Brexit law.

Animal Welfare Minister Lord Goldsmith has confirmed that he plans to introduce a ban on imports to the UK “in the next few months”.

Lord Goldsmith tweeted: “Foie gras is unbearable barbarism. It’s hard to imagine that anyone can see the process
and still enjoy eating it. “ Before Brexit, the UK was subject to laws that considered the product a ‘delicacy’ and integral to French cuisine.

A spokesman for the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs said the foie gras production “raises serious concerns.”

He added: “Now that our future relationship with the EU has been established, the government is considering other measures it could take in relation to foie gras.” If these new rules go into effect, offerings in restaurants, supermarkets, and grocery stores will be banned, definitively ending the consumption of foie gras in the UK.

Italy also “lock” foie gras

The production of this product in Italy was already prohibited as well, but now 13 large supermarkets in Italy have decided to stop selling foie gras.

The last has been the Iper supermarket chain, which has announced in recent days that it will stop marketing foie gras. Now in Italy, therefore, there are practically no more supermarkets that sell this product.

The foie gras ban is advancing around the world!

Many European countries such as Luxembourg, Norway, Switzerland, Denmark, Holland, Poland, Finland, Germany, England, or Italy (among others) prohibit the production of duck or goose foie gras.

The practice of force-feeding was defined as harmful to the welfare of animals in a Report of the Scientific Veterinary Committee of the European Union and then prohibited, in accordance with article 14 of Directive 98/58 / EC on the protection of animals on farms, throughout the European Union.

However, an exception to the law allows production in France, Bulgaria, Spain, Hungary, and Belgium, countries from which foie gras is exported throughout Europe where the sale is still allowed.

In New York, foie gras will only be available until December 31, 2021. From the next day, it will be prohibited.

It will be forbidden to buy it but also to offer it on the restaurant menu, even if only to run out of stock.

Anyone who violates the new law will pay two thousand dollars per violation. But you will not end up in jail, as was originally supposed.

The United States Supreme Court ratified on Monday, January 7, 2020, the California state law that prohibits foie gras and other products derived from the forced fattening of farm birds such as duck, establishing fines of 1,000 dollars in case of infringement.


What is behind its production?

To produce this food, considered by many to be a delicacy, geese and ducks are immobilized in cages in which they cannot even open their wings or turn around, and are force-fed with enormous quantities of food through a tube introduced directly into the throat, with the aim of greasing the liver of these animals even up to ten times the normal weight of the organ.

When it is considered that it has reached the maximum weight, they are slaughtered on the spot, since they would not support any transport and would die on the way during the transfer to the slaughterhouse.

And I mean…Over half a million ducks are confined, tortured, and slaughtered on farms in America to produce this cruel delicacy each year.

Most people have no idea that such farms still exist, and even less know that it is hell on earth for the animals

Confined in tiny isolation cages overflowing with feces, forced to swallow the porridge three times a day so that their slave owners would get their livers fat; these geese suffer immensely behind closed doors where their screams of pain cannot be heard.

Therefore, every step that accelerates the abolition of this torture is welcome and we applaud it.
When there is no more foie gras on the supermarket shelves, no one will miss it soon.

No supply, no demand. It’s that simple!

My best regards to all, Venus

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