USA: Appeal – Support Needed for Six Young, Very Sick Calves

Last week, we wrote to you about six newborn male calves found starving and nearing death at a farm where some were tied to a tractor and others were abandoned in a garage. Thanks to an outpouring of support from members like you, Farm Sanctuary immediately launched a rescue effort and brought these helpless babies into the arms of emergency caregivers. 

Farm Sanctuary is now administering the urgent care these calves need to stabilize their health, and their progress has been positive. Yet, their situation remains critical.  

Please, make a special donation to the Emergency Rescue Fund now  to help provide the urgent rehabilitative care the calves need. Your gift will give them the second chance at life that they deserve. 

Thankfully, two of the calves have thrived since their rescue and are now frolicking at the sanctuary like the youngsters they are. But, the other four are still in a very fragile state and require around-the-clock care.  

  • One calf has been battling severe anemia and needed a blood transfusion. He was so weak that he could barely stand. His legs were shaking terribly, but he was fighting so hard to keep standing because a serious infection in his umbilical cord made it painful for him to lie down.
  • Another calf, the skinniest of all of the babies, is on IV nutrition. He is in so much pain from an E-Coli infection that he is refusing to eat. He is limp and lifeless, and cannot stand up.
  • All the calves have upper respiratory infections and are coughing. They also have E-coli infections, which have led to dehydration and weight loss. Their bodies are battered and weak, and four of the calves actually weigh less now than they did when they were born.

It is critical that we work now to stabilize them, get nutrition into their bodies, and treat the life-threatening infections they are fighting. 


These calves are so helpless. So innocent and loving. They look up at us, pleading for us to help them. You can help give them the critical medical attention they need to recover. Please, be a part of their urgent care with a gift to the Emergency Rescue Fund today. 

Your support at this critical time means the world to these calves. We will continue to keep you updated on their progress as their care continues. Thank you for being there for farm animals.


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