Uk: ‘Uncaged’ Expose (Uk) Political Party Policies on Animals – The Conservatives’ Animal Protection Rating is 0.37% and to Bring Backk Hunting.




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In this final week before the (Uk) election we’re publishing our expert voting recommendations in each seat to help you use your vote to speak up for defenceless animals.

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Conservatives offer little hope for animals

With over 5000 emails sent to candidates, and thousands of replies received from election candidates, some revealing patterns are emerging about the relative commitment of the parties to animal protection.

So far, we’ve tried to stay as party-neutral as possible, but a comparison of party responses is now showing a clear message.

Most alarming are the Conservative candidates. We have received a miniscule 14 positive replies out of a possible 3774. The Conservatives’ animal protection rating is therefore a pretty nasty 0.37%. Not one Tory out of the 629 surveyed has agreed with all six of our animal protection manifesto points. More Tories than any other party simply aren’t bothering to reply to their constituents’ questions about their stance on hunting and other animal issues.

Labour score 16.3% and the Lib Dems 24%.

As usual, the Green candidates are the most supportive with a 54% agreement rate. In fact 95% of the actual responses received from Green candidates were positive.

The Conservative tactic to hide their intention to bring back hunting could well be working. So please click here to write to the letters’ page of your local paper to alert fellow voters to the barbaric consequences of a Conservative victory.  

With best wishes

Dr Dan Lyons, Director, Uncaged


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