Serbia: President Tadic to Adopt ‘Mila’ ? – But Where Is Implementation of the Real Serbian Animal Welfare Legislation (from 04/11/2005) Mr. President ???

It is stated in the Serbian press today that President Tadic of Serbia may be adopting ‘Mila’, the dog from Belgrade who had all of her legs hacked off in a frenzied attack.!.html?message=ok

President Tadic – the animal saviour ? – Only when he actually implements Serbian legislation (which was passed in 2005) to actually protect animals   !
Whilst we are happy that this situation brings Mila’s case to national attention and most importantly, hopefully provides life long care and attention for Mila, it also makes President Tadic appear to be an animal saviour in this undertaking.
President Tadic will only be regarded in a positive way, as an animal saviour, by the global animal welfare / rights movement when he acts to stop the mass killings of stray dogs and cats right across Serbia.  Basically, when the President implements Serbian national legislation that stops the mass killing of stray animals which became law on 02/11/2005, then people will say that he has actually moved with the times.
If the president had undertaken this commitment in the past and acted to stop the abuse and suffering of stray animals in Serbia, then the situation where ‘Mila’ has had all her legs hacked off may never have happened.
The president is currently responsible for the mass killing of Serbian strays, and he is also the man who can act to change this (his) policy.  Until he does, the simple ‘adoption’ of a dog which has been abused under his current regime will do little to gain him friends around the world who care about animal suffering.
Real protection of real animals across Serbia needs to be shown by implementation of existing Serbian legislation, not just a publicity stunt using an abused animal which has suffered from your non-implemetation regime.
Mr. President, lets see implementation of existing Serbian animal welfare legislation; only then can we consider you to be a true friend of the animals.

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