Germany / USA: US Military in Germany To Use Live Pigs and Goats in Trauma Training at German US Facility – Petion to Sign








Dear all,

could you please join this protest ?

The US military in Germany has now confirmed (the plan was challenged a few
weeks back – but now permission has been granted) they will use live pigs
and goats for trauma training
in a German US facility.

(“Dear Sir or Madam,
I’m joining the Albert Schweitzer Foundation for our Contemporaries in
expressing my deepest concerns over using animals in your training programs
for medics and I urge you to use animal-free alternatives. The U.S. army
should take pride in being the most advanced armed forces in the world. This
should include modern and sophisticated training programs that don’t rely on
scientifically and ethically questionable methods.”)

Please enter your details as follows (field with a * are mandatory)

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then click:
“Aufruf unterzeichnen” (sign protest)

You will then receive a confirmation mail with a link to click on to



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