USA: Michigan Momma Bear on Death Row – PLEASE SIGN Petitions !!!!!


Jennifer M. Granholm (Governor of Michigan), Rebecca A. Humphries (MDNRE Director), and Russ Mason (MDNRE Wildlife Division Chief )

Started by: Italia Millan

On Oct. 9 a deer hunter in Emmet Co, MI had an encounter with a mother bear and her cubs. According to a MDNRE press release , the bears were probably lured by the fried food scents on the hunter’s clothing (he had been at a family party previously).

The hunter said at first the two cubs climbed up the tree-stand ladder, and when he shouted at them, they dropped to the ground. A third cub then climbed the tree, and he punched and elbowed the cub until it fell from the tree.

Then the mama bear, who obviously perceived the hunter as a threat to her cubs, climbed up the tree and bit the hunter in the leg. He was treated in the hospital and released. The MDNRE says that black bears are shy by nature, and have a fear of humans.

However, “A sow will do whatever it takes to protect her cubs if she perceives a threat. In this case, the hunter was not threatening the cubs, but the sow apparently thought he was, and she attacked him.” said DNRE Wildlife Chief Russ Mason. Now, the MDNRE has decided to trap and kill the mother bear, and orphan her cubs.

Please don’t allow this injustice to happen! It’s unfortunate that the hunter got bit on the leg; although, some risks have to be expected when hunting in a rural area where bears are present, alone, smelling like fried food, with no scare off devices or anything else to protect himself from the wild.

Are we now going to kill animals for doing what animals do – especially a mother bear for defending her cubs, like any mother would?

As Mary Dettloff, MDNRE public information officer, said to the Petoskey News: “The situation may just resolve itself once (the bear) is in hibernation (from November to early spring), it’s not a threat to anyone.”

Please take action by sending a polite comment to Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm and the MDNRE Wildlife Chief Russ Mason, asking them to allow this mother bear to live. Also, ask them to enforce rules so humans don’t attract bears and other wildlife (with garbage, mainly) to avoid future encounters that could result in an accident. You can also call Governor Granholm at 517-335-7858 or 517-373-3400 and Chief Mason at 517-335-4085 to express your request.

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