Europe (EU): November Conference to Examine Alternative Approaches to Animal Testing.


Conference to examine alternative approaches to animal testing

The promotion of alternative approaches to animal testing is a major issue in EU policy. Animal welfare is a value stated in the Lisbon Treaty, and strongly reflected in EU law.

As part of the policy on the promotion of alternative approaches, the European Commission Services and seven (7) sectors of the industry have created a partnership that is committed to pooling resources and expertise to promote alternative approaches in regulatory testing.

The European Partnership for Alternative Approaches to Animal Testing, the EPAA, will dedicate its 2010 Conference on 30 November to ” The Unveiled Potential of Reduction and Refinement Strategies” (2Rs).

Whilst Replacement remains a main objective in EU policy, Reduction and Refinement strategies today already allow for the significant reduction of the suffering of animals and of the numbers of animals used in testing.

The Conference will present proposals for action on the 2Rs. Statements will be made by Commissioners Antonio Tajani, John Dalli and Janez Potocnik, highlighting the evolving regulatory landscape and its implication for the promotion of alternative approaches.

For further information, including a link to the registration form, please visit:

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