International: 04/04/11 is Stray Animals Day. Visit the New Website and Listen to Music From the Great Maria and Paul.


World Stray Animals Day 4th April 2011. 



Website –

Listen link for ‘Stray’

Also posters attached and here is the contact email of Maria & Trudy who are launching the campaign, they would like to hear from other groups and animal advocates & rescuers around the world who promote and implement spay and neuter programmes and who can help to raise awareness for stray animals day in their respective countries.

Email – and

If you have time to share it would help a lot, many thanks 🙂

Maria xx

‘I endeavour to give voiceless beings songs to make their plight visible and their stories heard, the fight to overcome injustice and cruelty must never be silent!

Compassion is the vital link that makes life bearable when all else fails’

Maria Daines