Great News ! – In Less Than One Week, ‘Okica’ Is Found A Forever Home In Denmark.

We have some great news to end the day;

Re our recent post (31/03/11) for a new forever home for ‘Okica’;

The great news is that less than one week later, she has been offered a new home in Denmark !

We have no other details at present, but will put them out on this site when we do.


Romania: Votes To Introduce Death Policy For Stray Dogs. But All Is Not Yet Lost – Please read On and Act – Send Mails of Protest, Thank You.

Those who voted for Euthanasia and those who did not even bother to vote are a disgrace to Romania and to its EU membership – please contact them (details below) and show your disgust at their prehistoric attitude towards stray animal numbers management.

Dear all,

Yesterday was the vote of the Committee for Public Administration on the management of stray dogs legislative project:

–       6 deputies voted for sterilization and return

–       16 for leaving the choice of the management method up to the city halls (we know that euthanasia will be chosen by majority of mayors) – the proposal of PDL (Bucharest prefect + Sulfina Barbu)

–       8 did not atttend at the meeting

Although by

the lobby made we won the leadership of important parties, Liberal (PNL) and Social Democratic Party (PSD), which has informed their members that the party line will be sterilization, only the members of PNL voted for sterilization and the PSD members (except one) either have voted for euthanasia or they did not attend at the meeting.

Today the financial interest for the business “stray dogs” and / or the cowardice of those who have voted for the mayors to decide the management method, believing that all sides will win: animal lovers, non-animal lovers and mayors.

Also yesterday we submitted, in printed form, to the Commission, the Chamber of Deputies and to all parliamentary groups, the petition of the website of FNPA which raised in a record time 28,000 signatures (only from Romania) as well as another petition (from the diaspora) with 7000 signatures. Next days we’ll also bring the petitions to the Government and ANSVSA.

We found out the Chamber of Deputies have seen thousands of petitions and letters. Thank you all. We should not stop!   All recognized that never such lobby was made as for a law like this one

And yet … not all is lost.

The draft law will go again, in the same form, to the plenum of the Chamber of Deputies. There you will see the political will. We hope that they will vote again and return to the Commission and the members of the parties which are in opposition with PDL party (the Governamnetal party) will comply with the policy directive.

Vote situation:

For Sterilization – Thank You for the Correct Approach to Stray Animal Management.

Moldovan Carmen         PSD

Bordeianu Dan             Independent

Buta Sorin                   PD-L

Buican Cristian             PNL

Varga Lucia-Ana            PNL

Grosaru                        Minority

For Euthanasia – Ill or Non Informed About the Modern Processes of Reducing Stray Numbers.

Barbu Sulfina                PD-L

Apostolache Mihai         PD-L

Bobes Marin                 PD-L

Zamfirescu Sorin           PD-L

Stoica Mihaela              PD-L

Iorguş Zanfir                 PD-L

Boiangiu Victor              PD-L

Cantaragiu Bogdan        PD-L

Seres Denes                 UDMR

Edler András György     UDMR

Macaleţi Costică            PSD

Marinescu Antonella      PSD

Ratoi Neculai                 PSD

Vladoiu Aurel                PSD

Soporan Vasile Filip      Independent

Stan Nicolae                 Independent

Did not vote

Pieptea Cornel              PNL

Absent –  Say No More !!!

Gherasim Vasile            PD-L

Oltean Ioan                   PD-L

Palar Ionel                     PNL

Calin Ion                       PSD

Ciocan Gheorghe          PSD

Dusa Mircea                  PSD

Zgonea Valeriu              PSD

see the meeting on, go on “inregistrare video” from “marti, 5 aprilie”

Yesterday our dogs lost their life! We must fight to gain it again! We must finally win!

Please, go on sending protest letters to the fax numbers:

1. Committe for public administration (to Mrs. Sulfina Barbu and deputies members):

00 4 021 3134931; 00 4 021 3146934

2. Chamber of Deputies (to Mrs. Roberta Anastase) 00 40 21 3134931

 *** Important note! ***  

No representative of animal welfare, no representative of mass media had access during the meeting. They decided everything behind the locked doors !

Thank you for all.


Carmen Arsene


Mehr Addis zu Abgeordneten aus dem Aussschuss Landwirtschaft:

PSD <>

Bordeianu Dan<>
Independent <>

Buta Sorin<>
PD-L <>

Buican Cristian<>
PNL <>

Varga Lucia-Ana<>
PNL <>


For euthanasia:

Barbu Sulfina<>
PD-L <>

Apostolache Mihai <>
PD-L <>

Bobes Marin<>
PD-L <>

Zamfirescu Sorin<>
PD-L <>

Stoica Mihaela<>
PD-L <>
Iorgu Zanfir<>
PD-L <>

Edler András György<>

Macaleţi Costică<>
> PSD <>

Marinescu Antonella<>
PSD <>

Ratoi Neculai<>
PSD <>

Vladoiu Aurel<>
PSD <>

Soporan Vasile Filip <>
Independent <>

Sta Nicolae<>

*Did not vote*

Pieptea Cornel<>
PNL <>


Gherasim Vasile<>
PD-L <>

Oltean Ioan<>
PD-L <>

Palar Ionel<>
PNL <>

Calin Ion <>
PSD <>

Ciocan Gheorghe<>
PSD <>

Dusa Mircea<>
PSD <>

Zgonea Valeriu <>
PSD <>

Seres Denes<>

Boiangiu Victor<>

Cantaragiu Bogdan<>
PD-L <>

Serbia: Latest Photos From Backa Topola – All Animals Are Safe and Being Cared For, But They Need to Be Found Permanenet Homes in Mainland Europe. The Government is Doing Nothing to Help ! – Previous Info and Donation Info at End of Photos.


If you are in Europe, or a European Animal Welfare Organsiation who can help to find new homes for these animals, then please contact Zlata at:

 GO NO KILL – Sterilsation of Owned and Stray animals is the way forward.

Continual killing gets you nowhere – sterilisation DOES – It REDUCES ANIMAL NUMBERS !

I am sorry I am running late with the answer.

I have met Mrs. Corine from the Association Mutzika, France, on one occasion. As far as I know, she helps the shelter in Backa Topola for years and she is very dedicated. Corine pays for everything that Mrs. Kristina Paskaljevic does. Mrs. Kristina Paskaljevic took 48 dogs and placed them in ,,Katcha,, so they can be sterilize and foster in France or Germany, Corine finances that.

The main issue with Backa Topola is following: there is plenty of food but the dogs can not stay there forever because the heiress of that land won’t to keep the shelter, also there are no conditions for the further existence of shelter.

The only solution is, that the EU countries make an arrangement and take all those poor dogs.

We took over all of the cats (we hope that we will find the one remaining), and it will be for the best if a number of animal societies from EU would take the dogs so that the shelter could be close down. 

I’m sending pictures of 30th March 2011

I am here for you if you need any kind of informations.

Kind regards,

Help Animals, 

Zlata Korjenic

Help Animals
Zlata Korjenic
“Sterilisi svog ljubimca.
Ne kupuj kucne ljubimce.
Usvajaj ljubimce iz azila ili sa ulice i spasi jedan zivot.”

There is a forum thread in French by the Association Mutzika concerning the dogs taken from Backa Topola here:

(last page today)

There’s lots of pics here:

If you speak French see here:


Some of our previous posts relating to Backa Topola: