Uk (England): Live Exports KALE Report J18 – 13/08/11.

This is KALE Report ‘J18’

 For the LIVESTOCK SHIPMENT – Friday 12th AUGUST 2011; from RAMSGATE (Kent, England) to CALAIS (France).

 VESSEL: M.V. ‘JOLINE’; very small Ro-Ro with a single, open deck; capacity six lorries. Latvian flag, registered in Riga.  Having had the opportunity to see the crew in the daylight now it has to be said they look a scruffy lot with not a uniform  amongst them. No surprise then.

 Note: members of the Thanet Group of Protesters have discovered that each time the ‘Joline’ comes into Ramsgate, she is assisted by members of the RNLI, who form the mooring gang…………………..

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