Serbia / Belgium: 27/08/11 – Special Appeal for A New Forever Home for Damjian.

Serbia / Belgium – 27/08/11 – Special Appeal for Damjian.

Please copy this post and send it far and wide – we need to find a new forever home for this guy.  His requirements are more than the usual dog, but there must be someone who can give him the care and home that he deserves.

Please watch the video links below, in addition to the photographs.

Do what you can to help; if it is simply a donation to help with his needs.

Thanks – Mark – SAV.


Mark can you make appeal for Damjian please?

Thank you!



Here some pictures of Damijan; He is in Serbia.

Damjian was hit by a car and found in the road like this.. he is blind in this one eye..and cannot bark as he should.

He is now in paid foster with Slavica, who is foster for puppies too.

We need each month some 80 Euro for his foster.

In addition, money for his diapers and special powder for him.

I now paid powder and diapers for 50 Euro from my own money.

He needs a lot of care.

I will send a basket and special bed for him for in winter to be inside.

He needs a home; he is so so, so sweet but a lot of work.

His spine is not straight.which makes it a bit more difficult.

He cannot control peeing very well and so needs to be washed and powdered.

Please if anyone can help find him a home – feel free to send this appeal around and use the movies and pics – or contact me for more information at:

Web link: 

He has had several places in Serbia but nobody wants him or wants to take care of him.  It is so sad for him.

Now he is ok with Slavica but for how long this time??

He so much deserves a loving home.

Movies I made of Damijan


Please Find Me A New Home – Thank You – Love Damjian.