Ireland / England / EU: Latest Photographs of Irish Calves Being Transported to Mainland Europe Via England, Uk.


Very young Irish veal calves (ofetn around 15-20 days old) – the ‘unwanted’ males – a by product of the dairy industry – seen passing though Ramsgate port, Kent, England, which forms the ‘Land Bridge’ (between Ireland and mainland Europe).  This export situation, unwanted by the citizens of Kent county, is being constantly monitored by Kent based organisation ‘KALE’ (Kent Against Live Exports), for which Mark (SAV founder) is also the EU Correspondent.

The following photograph shows live calf transporters leaving Ramsgate by ship for the French port of Calais.

By clicking on the following link you will have access to many excellent photographs which were taken by valerie, the KALE photographer.  Photogrpahs show the exports during the period 27-29 July 2011.


KALE are working very hard, through all legal channels within the EU, to provide evidence of the suffering, and to try and highlight the long distance and unnecessary suffering endured by live animals transported across Europe.

We are also giving our full support to the new petition calling for an end to live (EU) animal exports to Turkey, which has been established by ‘Legal Action for Animal Rights’ and which is aimed at the EU Commissioner for Health and Consumers – the Commission which can prevent this endless animal suffering.

Please add your name to the new LAAR petition by visiting:

In addition, if you have not already done so, you can add your name to a huge petition calling for a maximum 8 hour journey time for live animals being transported throughout the EU.

This can be viewed and signed by visiting:

Please do all you can to help animals suffering through long distance (live export) transportation, wherever they are in the World.