Serbia: BIG Freeze Across Europe – Latest Pictures From Cat Shelter ‘Felix’. Can You Help With A Donation ?

Danica has just sent the following pictures of the situation at Shelter ‘Felix’ in Belgrade.  If you can help with a donation, please click on the links given below.

Thank You – SAV.


Danica writes:

Hi, Mark,

I just wanted to send you some photos. It’s snowing so heavily these days that I’m starting to fear the tremendous snow would cause the roof to collapse. Some of my kitties enjoy playing in the snow, the others prefer to stay inside so everyone can do as they want and what they want. Many of them don’t mind the snow.

As you may know, Serbia has succumbed to the deep freeze gripping Europe, with plunging temperatures and icy winds – and there’s no end in sight. I was literally cut off by snow for days and worried sick about the roof and wire mesh, but most of my kitties were having the time of their life, running through the snow, jumping and playing. We’ll see what tomorrow brings…

We’ll be in touch!

Best regards

Danica Mirkovic, President of Felinologic Association Felix and the owner of Cat Shelter Felix

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England, Uk: Pictures From The Jill Phipps Memorial Day – Ramsgate, 4th February 2012.

Ramsgate, Kent, England – the only Uk port now involved with live animal exports to Europe, held a special memorial day for Jill Phipps on Saturday 4th February.

Jill was crushed under a livestock transporter carrying calves for export on 1st Feb 1995.

See the following link for more info and to watch ‘Jill’s film’:

Please click on the following link to see photographs of the days events at Ramsgate:

SAV Jill Phipps Memorial Day 4th February

To find out all the latest about live animal exports from the Uk to mainland Europe; visit the KAALE website at