Brazil: All Ready Now for the Official Launch of the Film About Stray Animal Suffering – and the Promotion of Humane Sterilisation to Reduce Stray Animals Populations.

Back in August 2011, SAV had a message from Todd, a Canadian citizen living in Brazil. 

Todd is a filmmaker and was producing a documentary film on stray animals in Brazil, with other sub links to suffering strays around the world.

One of the aims of this documentary is to promote the humane sterilisation of stray animals in order to eventually reduce stray animal numbers; a policy which we have always advocated, but which, unfortunately, gets very little support from governments and politicians in the Balkans states.

Todd wrote to us at SAV and asked if we had any images of the suffering of strays in the Balkans; as he wished to include a section relating to the horrendous atrocities committed to stray animals around the World in his film.

Here is the link to the original film trailer which was sent to us by Todd:

We were very happy that Todd contacted us originally for information and pictures of Balkans strays suffering; and we did our best to supply him with many photographs and video links to the situation in the Balkans.

We have just heard back from Todd, and the great news is that the film is now in the very final stages of production, and a release date has been set !

Todd tells us:

that and it’s turned out to be such a beautiful video and important video here that the city has reserved its historical theatre for a PRE-launch.

I wanted to thank you again for all your help last year”. 

We are informed that when an English version of the film is produced, Todd will be sending us a copy.

In the meantime, Todd has kindly sent us a pre-launch poster of the film which is being advertised in Brazil.

You can see a copy of the poster below.

We wish Todd and his team all the very best with the film and we hope that it is a fantastic success during both the pre launch and post launch phases.

We will keep you all posted on any news that we have for the future regarding this very important film which is greatly helping to speak out for all the suffering stray animals of the World.  Congratulations Todd !


Turkey: Kadir-Topbas-Hasdal Shelter – Video Of One Beautiful Survivor – ‘Vida’.

Some of you may remember our post of January 2011 and the attrocities committed by the Kadir Topbaş Hasdal Shelter, Istanbul; Turkey; and the stray dogs which were driven out of the city and just dumped, left to die ?

You can see our original post and photos from the January 2011 post by clicking on the following link:

Well here is one great story that has happened as a result of that terrible time.

Click on the following link and watch the video footage of ‘Vida’, one of the most dramatic rescues, an animal that had been disposed in the middle of the fields like trash, and which nearly died, who has now experienced a wonderful recovery:

Enjoy the video of this beautiful, friendly dog.  SAV.