Can we learn something from crisis?

“We are living in difficult times, suffering confinements, unable to enjoy our families. Many people feel overwhelmed, despair, anxiety, stress …

All this, has made you think about how the animals used in the fur industry feel?

All these animals feel the same as you, and they suffer from birth to death.

They live locked up in these cages exposed to inclement weather, hunger, thirst, and loneliness, all their lives, all the time.

Don’t get dressed with their lives”!

Text: Animal Equality

And I would say… that we haven’t learned anything from the Corona catastrophe.
Because we don’t have the same level of suffering as the other animals.
Despite restrictions, we still live on the sunny side of capitalism and decide – as before -about the cruel life and death of millions of other animals.

We are habitual criminals.

Regards and good night, Venus


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