Pig-Vision: X15 – The Birth, Short Life and Murder.


Pig-Vision will be following the life of a pig in a typical intensive pig farm.

The focus lies on a pig here called X15 – his birth, short life and his murder.








Spain: Rocio UPDATE 1/03/12 – Rocío Will be Operated on Tomorrow.

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Rocio UPDATE – 1st March 2012.

Dear All,

Last night I was happily informed that Rocío will be operated on tomorrow, finally!

The surgeon that will carry on the operation said this is a very urgent case that could not wait one more day. The shelter still does not have the full amount needed to pay for the operation but one trusts that will be reached by next week!

THANK you from Rocío and María Teresa to the wonderful people that have already donated and helped in different ways with the appeal, María Teresa will write to you individually as soon as she has the time, she asks that every donation be given with the E-mail address of the donor please.

We will keep you updated every step of the way. 

Best Wishes,