Spain: Rocio Update 3/03/12 – She Has Now Had Her Operation.

Dear All, 

The operation was very complicated because the bones had already fused together due to the weeks that had passed since the accident but she is doing well. We are waiting for the new pics from after the op but here you´ll find the latest made.

Now she will stay at the clinic for a week and then she will need a temporary (or better still, permanent!) loving home where to recover so if you have any Spanish contacts that might help please forward this message to them, thank you.

We still have a shortfall of about 300 euros for the surgeon’s bill so please keep telling your animal loving contacts about this sweet girl. Right now the shelter is literally inundated with animals that require urgent veterinarian care (mainly galgos, Spanish greyhounds abandoned by the hunters) so this is very hard for them and the animals.

Lastly, if you know of any good people that would like to volunteer on a working holiday to help at the shelter (taking the doggies out, cleaning, feeding etc) they would be more than welcome! If they have knowledge of Spanish they can contact María Teresa directly at, otherwise they can write to me or ring me at 0033 555476873 This is an outstanding organization in Spain, as they have taken over the dog pound and are running it as a no-kill shelter, an example for all the world to follow. The shelter is in Baeza, not far from Jaén in Andalusia.

Thank you again.


Latest Photos – PRE-OPERATION.


Buenas noches, me ha llamado el veterinario, Rocio ya esta operada, todo ha salido bien, ha sido bastante complicado pues le habia unido el hueso bastante mal, estara en la clinica una semana, pero despues necesita una casa de acogida con urgencia, por favor alguien puede ayudarle????, es una perrita muy buena, y adoptable, por lo que es casi seguro que no tarde en salirle adoptante, por favor es necesario para su recuperacion, espero que alguien tenga un hueco para ella

Muchas gracias

M Teresa

Sociedad Protectora de Animales y Plantas-ALBAYYASA-Baeza

Tlfn (0034) 687845718