EU: The Written Declaration on the Establishment of a Maximum 8-Hour Journey Limit Has Now Been Adopted Within the EU.

** News 16/03/2012 **

Written Declaration on the establishment of a maximum 8-hour journey limit

Past SAV posts on this issue:

The European Parliament during its plenary session in Strasbourg adopted Written Declaration 49/2011 on the establishment in the European Union of a maximum time limit of eight hours for the transportation live animals to slaughter.

“This is a key moment in a campaign that will end only when it has limited the transport of animals over long distances for slaughter. The Declaration and the collection of one million signatures are part of the 8 hours campaign which calls for a limitation on the transport of live animals for slaughter to a maximum of eight hours.

Travel today can last several days, causing extreme suffering to many animals, especially the old and young especially during the warmer seasons and this is completely unnecessary and unacceptable,” commented Dan Jørgensen MEP.

The Intergroup for Animal Welfare and Conservation welcomes this initiative and is extremely pleased that more than half of all MEPs supported this proposal, which was launched by the German organisation Animal’s Angels and Dan Jørgensen MEP, President of the Intergroup.

From left to right: MEPs Andrea Zanoni, Dan Jorgensen, Esther de Lange, Carl Schlyter, Pavel Poc.

SAV Comment:

Thank you to all our friends who worked so hard with their national MEPs to get this WD passed.

We can now move on with the support of both the WD and the 1 million + signature petition from the citizens of Europe.

Some political parties in the Uk (Conservative and UKIP) would not give any support to this declaration.  You have to ask why they are in the EU as MEPs when they do not support the requests of so many constituents.

This will be remembered and will form part of animal welfare campaigning at the next EU MEP elections.