Ukraine: EURO 2012 Football and the Associated Animal Killings. The Truth Is Out There – Now We Have It !


Information supplied to SAV from a Russian forum.

Thanks to the person who supplied this information, but who remains nameless:

Now the real evidence is here about the animal killings for EURO 2012 in the Ukraine.

Soon on another post we will publish more and include photos.

In the following we have converted important text to Red type.




“I found this a week or so ago and now it has been updated and translated  and I thought you might be interested in it;  it is a record from 24th May  to date regarding outside help to kill the dogs.  It makes very unpalatable reading but will be interesting to establish where the financial backing came from????”

For those English recipients, this is the translation. 

———————-   English version   ————-

Smell of corpses at homeland – Everybody dares to kill dogs now, no matter who or how. Main thing is, that the streets get empty from strays till the beginning of the EM 2012

I believe this is the first time I am reflecting on a blog entry for such a  long time. Running around in my room, smoking. For two days already. Such a  thing doesn’t exist, such a thing cannot exist. It’s a joke, a fake, a  stupid game. And if it’s true – why? Why?

You would say: “What a horror!”. Or – “How nice!”. You would call them  “murderers” or me a “douche”. It doesn’t matter. And finally, a dispute  between the supporters, antagonists, protectors and protectionists would  start.

You know, what I would say: this is not about dogs. This is not about dogs at all. You can imagine the abbreviation “BS” to stand for cats, birdies, Jews, redheads, people of short stature, gays, Arabians, people with abnormal shapes of noses or ears. Someone doesn’t like something, he takes the gun and shoots. He’s right, he can explain it. He’s accompanied by someone. Intentions aren’t noble, it’s simply for money. The third person does it because an important person ordered him to. The fourth is doing it for fun. He is not a murderer, no, he’s a hunter.

Just because in this country, you can arrange everything with the police.

I found this forum accidentally. This is only one website of dozens, which I looked at during my work. I found it by entering the key word “EURO” (I am planning to make a movie about the sports fans). I read view entries and froze. Due to the level of human cynicism. Due to the simple talks about how to freeze bodily parts best, how to hide from the security cameras, how to smuggle the weapons.

I will not comment on it. The words given below are solely quotations. I devote this to the government of the Ukraine. The ugly system, which bears and educates perverts.

I’m not copying names on purpose, the identities don’t matter to me. And the source can be found easily in the Internet.

Topic: Colleagues! Help is needed, EM 2012

24th May 2012 – 01:53

Just returned to Ukraine from my business trip. One urgently needs to

support our local colleagues. EM 2012 is going to start in 2 weeks and it

emerged that the few organizations which are catching dogs are simply unable

to finalize the cleaning. All eyes are on the municipal services right now.

Hence: all of you, who want to help us, please join us. We were guaranteed

that there would be no problems. The only thing we have to do is: No curs

shall remain on the streets for the EM 2012.


Details via pm (private message). Payment is guaranteed.

24th May 2012 – 02:01

Nice to see you again [in here]. Additional info about Charkow: the “clean

house”, which is responsible for catching the curs receives more than 400

hrywnja per carcass; we will receive 150 but part of the travel expenses

will be recharged.

24th May 2012 – 02:26

How much are 400 hrywnja converted into ruble?

24th May 2012 – 02:26

1600. 50 dollars to put it simply. Money for evidence.

24th May 2012 – 02:26

A carcass or is a body part of the dog sufficient?

A part of the left front.

24th May 2012 – 02:32

Oh lucky one! Do a good job and have fun in a great community! And I have to

work, work and work again…

24th May 2012 – 03:24

You should rather wait one day, they are going to prepare lists, based on

which everybody will come over to me, to Charkow for example (no – no, I

would of course be happy); but our situation is much better than in Kiev,

that’s why they have to split the people on different cities.


24th May 2012 – 03:35

Would you like to shoot or feed this time?

 24th May 2012 – 03:35

Actually, I don’t care. However, I’m shooting more precisely now than in the

past when I had just little practice, therefore, I don’t know. Besides, what

about my airgun, do you know if I can smuggle it across the border?


 24th May 2012 – 03:49

If you can’t smuggle it, I’ll give you one out of our arsenal: Remington

Vantage or Diana52, there is a large choice. We also have 2 modified


 24th May 2012 – 03:55

Yes, smuggling in the guns can be done, however, the details need to be

clarified with Grischa. And the best way would be to have everything

organized by the coordinators. Less mindfucking for everyone…

 24th May 2012 – 04:37

Who knows how to smuggle an airgun best?


24th May 2012 – 05:00

I can only suppose the best way would be by car, in the middle of the

luggage bag and to cross the border in Belgorod during the weekend.

 24th May 2012 – 05:07

Vitaminka, don’t worry. It’s all been been done, now we just have to file

the lists at the point of entry.

24th May 2012 – 05:23

We can also pay the flight, fellow, no problem. Because the “old stagers”

have to train the young blood… We still have enough time before the Olympic

Games, but the EM is just around the corner.

24th May 2012 – 05:54

Shall we call the dipshits in? We have a large budget this time, therefore

money won’t cause a problem. That way we can help those people and slightly

reduce the number of flea carriers.

24th May 2012 – 05:57

You want to pay the dipshits? They would also accept to be paid in kind.

Fresh meat etc. Moreover, a paw is proof enough.

24th May 2012 – 06:03

By the way, fellows, you can also pass the hind paw off as front paw.

However, only if the outer toe is still there. That way, you could earn

twice as much from one body.

24th May 2012 – 06:33

Unfortunately, people are not allowed to work without ID. More precisely,

their work is not rewarded. That’s all I know in connection with the


 24th May 2012 – 06:42

Grischka, I don’t know anything about the situation in the Ukraine, but here

in Moscow, there are lots of dipshits with IDs. That’s why I wouldn’t

totally exclude this possibility. By the way, they should also assist with

raising; they won’t obtain guns and Isoniazid of course, but they carry the

elimination off quite well anyway (according to the despicable topics in PiK

[obviously a forum]). For them we are fixing a lower price in order to not

upset the sponsors: 10 hrywnja for an adult BS and 5 for a puppy should be

enough acc. to my opinion. Otherwise, they waste “our” 150 on drinking and

then, they won’t give a shit about the job.

24th May 2012 – 11:52

I can be of assistance regarding the transportation of people / goods across

the border. However, there are two small hitches. Only 5 people fit in the

car per trip (7 – 8 trips can be performed per day). Secondly, one trip will

cost approx. 150 hrywnja; there’s no other choice, the border guards also

want to eat [this refers to bribe money for the officers at the border].

24th May 2012 – 15:12

Hamlet, today I got in touch with those people, whom you gave me the contact

details from. We agreed on everything. Up to 200 hrywnja were promised for

some curs, we were sent to L’wow. We discussed the travel grants and

arranged things with the police: I already received the corresponding

documents. I was also told the locations, where one shall shoot or poison.

Only use air gun 4,5mm. I’ll start on Sunday.

24th May 2012 – 19:30

If the guns don’t work out, I have 600 milliliters MSO-9 [probably some kind

of poison]. I can’t order 500 for such an operation. I need all the rest for

myself, sorry. I have my sights on 5 large packs.

24th May 2012 – 20:02

Aw fellow, your great! My sincere respect to the organizers! So you’re not

planning to stop by here in Odessa by any chance?

24th May 2012 – 20:02

Unfortunately not, we were told that it is of top priority to prepare the EM


25th May 2012 – 14:06

Regarding drugs, please contact me via pm, so that you don’t attract

attention at the pharmacies. Everything has been bought in sufficient

quantities, sufficient for all. I have to instruct everybody on occupational


25 May 2012 – 23:15

For the cleaning in preparation of the EM 2012 …..hier sind noch

kyrillische(?) Schriftzeichen??? I have obtained 12 little jars of

Isoniazid, each contains approx. 100 pills; these are the tickets to rainbow

for roughly 120 flea carriers.

26th May 2012 – 03:13

Half of the BS in Kiev are wearing those self-made collars. But from today

on they should rather be wearing protective vests.

26th May 2012 – 14:33

Charkow welcomes us with chilly weather!

26th May 2012 – 16:47

I’m so jealous!!!

It’s 2115km to Kiev and I have no opportunity to leave work. Good luck! If

possible, please report briefly about the number of good deeds on Ukrainian


26th May 2012 – 22:43

We’ll also leave for the night service. In Charkow though. Oh my God! I

never thought one could gorge that much and that yummy!

27th May 2012 – 23:38

PW, enjoy your meal, good luck!

27 May 2012 – 00:00

Great how you shot them, one has even pissed itself before the ride to


27th May 2012 – 00:59

Nasten’ka trembles already in anticipation of the zoophile (?) like a fish

out of water. Keep it up!

 May 27th 2012-01:07

Everything is all right. Paul is on board. Eating a roll and says Hi to


May 27th 2012- 02:08

Good hunting, anti B6, I congratulate you also to the day of the town Kiev.

May 27th 2012-03:53

Apropos SMO (9) who would be in doubt. Tried it today. 1 milligram is

enough. Done in 40 seconds.

May 27th 2012-03:54

taking a break. A few hours ago we found hidden doghouses, and decontaminate

them by pouring a solution of foam and gasoline with the subsequently

application of an open fire source. All in all and at the beginning of the

night we got rid of 11″ fleahaulers”, now we burn the rest of the bio trash.

May 27th 2012-04:51

Dear honoree , a loyal greeting and thank you for your ungrateful job from

the first and ( intellectual) capital of the Ukraine. For the fights, that

are in my city, I leave behind a interesting address. At the corner of

Belgorodskogo Str., Akademika Proskuri Str. und Chkalowa Str. На углу

Белгородского шоссе, Академика Проскуры и Чкалова sails a herd full of ”

crocodiles” with about 5-8 tails . Really big individuals were not seen. The

biggest and sassiest was about 50 centimeters. I don’t want no rumor in my

university that a scientist is destroying the innocent. And good luck with

the cleaning! Neither tails nor collars!

May 27th 2012-15:59

Please caution with rifles during the day.

27th May 2012-15:59

no one will engage in such nonsense . And yes. the dirtbags from the 300 (

likely to be a street or block) can wait a long time for the presence of the

police so they can take care of strays on the street with a weapon , at

least not in Charkow.

27th of May-16:15

And my airgun doesn’t even sound like jumping cracker. In a cheered up crowd

it sounds like a pack of cigarettes fell to the ground.

May 27th 2012-18:03

A personal request! If you find puppies in this color during your cleaning

(picture is shown of the puppies) bring it to me to Moscow , at least a few

of them. I will try on them the right dose of the new agent Number 4 . The

journey and whiskas I will pay . And for the hunter: your own cognac or

tequila of your choosing .

May 27th 2012-20:54

Take every part with you, if not possible , hide it good, but then take it

with you. When there are no fleabags then there is no reason for zoophiles

to bother the police.


May 27th 2012-22:21

And I am already in the train, internet connection isn’t working here and

there and tomorrow I arrive in L’wow, meet there with me!. I will have rifle

bag with me that looks like a guitar case and a bag that will have the color

that we will agree on. The ones that want to meet with me send me a PM.

May 27th 2012-22:26

Now all L’wow’s zoophiles are going to wait for you at the train station and

all citizens that have a guitarcase they will shout to: ” There he is! There

HE is! Call the police!

May 27th 2012-22:32

One should not forget that the employer is the state, and police is one of

the first that is informed about it.


May 28th 2012-18:46

Writing from PDA, that is why it will be short. I already worked enough,

billed for 14 heads, received money to the price agreed upon. A police man

came up to me and said that a crazy person came in his police station and

demanded not to go through with the firing ….:)))) Till the evening I will

probably still take a few heads down. What I realized is that there are lots

of wandering dogs, the ones that are not living in a specific location. Were

not able with the poisoning , all of them successfully dropped from the


 May 28th 2012-22:54

My first day is over. All together 19 heads. Money was pretty good, got

everything that was being promised. I worked near Zelenaja Str. und

Pasichnaja Str. I am currently in my shelter, get dressed right away and

then go celebrate tonight in L’wow. To my luck I have enough now to go out

and celebrate…)


May 29th 2012 — 00:08

“Colleague, I repeat: Do not leave the packages of the medication  behind,

but return everything to the Coordinators, so it’s possible to  subsequently

determine how much has been used, how much is used on  average, and how much

will still have to be delivered.”

 May 29th 2012 — 00:47

Yesterday’s night mission: snatched 19 BS (WAS IST DAS?), 12 of them

puppies, many of them being in care (by volonteers who look after stray

dogs). Gained 3 grown-up flea-carriers at Truchanowskij. Gathered 1  puppy

on the way to my quarters, north of M. Dorogozhitschi, at the  crossing of

Teligi and Ol’zhitscha, early morning. Minus 23  flea-carriers overall.


May 29th 2012 — 13:40

Back  from Kiew yesterday. Had been working there mostly in the suburbs, in

the forests; also dropped by Darnitsa and Academics City. I’m not

experienced with shotguns, so the cleansing was performed with pet  cookies.

Got vitamins and sausage, and prepared that “ammunition”  myself. About 60

to 70 BS were fed, but only found 38 enemies – despite  me really wasting a

lot of time on the search. And compensation only  takes place based on

actual performance. Had I known before that such an  operation would take

place – I would have bought myself a good shotgun  and would have learned to

shoot. Purchase would have been worthwhile in  any case.

29th May 2012 — 17:01

By the way, folks,  could you give me some advice on how I can make sure the

severed item of  proof (?) the left paw will last a while. It is warm,

right, and  there is a noticable smell of death.


29th May 2012 — 20:18

Part of the glove box is close to the main cooling vent; when the air  con

blows right into your face, you’ll have quite a useable refrigerator  in


29th May 2012 — 20:33

Then, the old method: freeze two plastic bottles of water (one day in  the

freezer is quite enough), put them in a bag together with the body  parts,

and put something thick (blanked/old duvet jacket/Isolon) around  it all.

This way it will last till the next morning.

 29th May 2012 — 20:46

What about handing in not the whole paw, but just the skin? For the

company, it shouldn’t be a matter of principle, and it would be much  easier

to store. And, not insignificantly, one would not have to waste  time

cutting the fibres – and without an axe one would cause less  attention.

29th May 2012 — 21:05

The skin is not enough for them. They want a limb. In my opinion, a tail

would be enough.

29th May 2012 — 22:22

Charkow, everything’s alright, everything will be handed in the same day,

payment takes place immediately.

29th May 2012 — 22:29

Only 18 heads today. But Maradus got some practice on the air rifle, and he

liked it!

29th May 2012 — 22:30

The number of mutts on Trojeschina is incredible. Many puppies of  different

age groups. Two mobile groups were called in as backup. Shot  all night and

all morning, till we were exhausted. Together we offed 87  enemies (so 14 –

15 per shooter, on average), while the remaining “BS”  flew. This includes

the wounded (we hope the number of kills will still  rise, at their


 Sent yesterday, 01:32

Collected 9  shot items off Trojeschina. Additionally, 17 flea-carriers were

finished off during this mission, and we found a litter of blind puppies  –

also done. After all, minus 31 BS after this night and morning  action, the

agreed-upon parts having been handed in already, as  evidence. Everybody

from our group does away with 15 BS per gun / per  mission.

 Sent yesterday, 12:58

This morning, I missed the target somewhat … didn’t hit the ear from 40

meters distance; man, did  he whimper! Had to shoot his musculoskeletal

system, needed two shots  extra. That mutt was large as a shepherd dog!

 Sent yesterday, 20:09

I am back in the accommodation, was welcomed, now I gorge the streaky

Ukrainian bacon.

 Sent today, 01:04

All Safaris in Charkow were most successful. We worked like slaves:  shot

them, used pet cookies on them (and not only that). Well, and we got

some relaxation as well, one has to say.

But, what really bothered us was having to collect the cadavers and pack

them into bags –  that really takes a lot of time. On the other hand, this

way our team  has left not traces: not even a tail was left behind after our

missions.  The 300 can relax now

And I got some shooting practice. While, before, I might have reached 3.0 in

target accuracy, nowadays it will surely be 1.5.

Saudi Arabia: More Money Than They Know What To Do With – Yet The Royal Family Approves Animal Abuse Like This ! – Petition and Sample Letter Included.

PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION to create international awareness about these blatant animal abuses in Saudi Arabia.\

Info /photos / videos :

Shut down the zoo at Fantasyland, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and relocate and treat the rescued animals.

Please sign this petition if you are inside or outside Saudi Arabia and circulate because we need international awareness about these blatant animal rights and law violations in Saudi Arabia. Circuses are illegal in Saudi Arabia, and so is the importation of endangered and exotic animals according to CITES laws. It is also illegal to abuse, sell and make money off of animals according to Islamic laws. However, the zoo at Fantasyland in thumamah, Riyadh Saudi Arabia has lions, tigers, bears, coyotes, hyenas, monkeys in small 3 meter metal cages with no food or water present. With enough signatures, we can ask the Wildlife commission in Saudi Arabia to act upon laws, already in place, but not being upheld about this zoo. Please circulate this information for the ENTIRE world to see, only with local and international pressure will things change. Thank you!

For the truth about this zoo, please look at the videos at:
Please see the blog posts at:

Please write/fax/call the Saudi Wildlife Commission:

Highness Prince Bandar bin Saud Al Saud
Secretary General of the Saudi Commission for Wildlife
PO BOX 61681
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Address: PO Box 61681, Riyadh,
Saudi Arabia, 11575
Direct Fax: +966(01) 4410797
Commission Fax: +966(01) 2121716


Your Highness Prince Bandar bin Saud Al Saud,
We would like to bring to your attention the case of imported exotic animals at Fantasyland, Riyadh, Thumamah, Saudi Arabia against CITES regulations. Fantasyland is not a pet shop and does not have legal permission to have these animals. In addition, it is illegal to have circuses in Saudi Arabia, and we have been advised that these animals are often used in a circus. The lions, hyenas, monkeys, dogs and other animals are not well looked after, nor is food and water present. People who visit are shocked that such conditions could exist in Saudi Arabia, the homeland of Islam as you can see on these blogs:

Furthermore, since the animals have no food, space and have not been cared for, it is dangerous to people, including the families and children who visit Fantasyland. In fact, Asmahan Al-Ghamdi, an editor at Al-Riyadh was attacked by a lion in June 2011. She suffered injuries that wound up requiring surgical attention. No more cases like this should happen as it looks very bad for Saudi Arabia to have a lack of control over these illegal zoos and circuses. In addition, the animals look very thin and may be in need of medical attention according to doctors and veterinarians who have seen the photos. The workers are not trained animal professionals, particularly in the area of exotic animals, and they are afraid of the animals – thus they do not clean the cage or give proper medical care.

As the Wildlife Commission has a responsibility to set good examples, and educate people on correct animal welfare and uphold laws, we are kindly asking for your intervention to release improve the conditions of these animals or release them into the proper hands of international animal rescues for help.

Now that Saudi Arabia is a part of CITES, and already has the high standards of the Quran and Hadith that enforce animal welfare, let’s show the world that Saudi Arabia does support animal welfare and preservation by looking after the animals and observing the international and local laws of animal welfare.

Shut down this Saudi hell hole for animals – NOW !

Canada: Luka Magnotta Arrives Back In Canada After Capture in Germany.

Our previous post of 31/5/12:

And now:–dimanno-luka-rocco-magnotta-will-finally-get-his-audience

Luka Rocco Magnotta will finally get his audience

Published On Mon Jun 18 2012

Luka Magnotta arrives in Montreal on June 18, 2012.

He advertised himself as a gay escort-for-hire, among other professions that were little more than flights of fantasy.

On Monday night, it was Luka Rocco Magnotta — dubbed “Canadian Psycho’’ — who was escorted back to this country, on a military transport flight and flanked by cops.

Three weeks ago, the alleged sex killer left Montreal with scant notice taken, boarding Air Transat flight 610, settling into Seat 33A. Last passenger on the plane, twitchy guy in a Mickey Mouse T-shirt, stinking from sweat, behaving oddly enough to arouse blogging commentary from another Paris-bound traveller sitting alongside. Nervous flier, it seemed, and spotted later crying in the back of the aircraft.

Luka Rocco Magnotta’s extradition to Canada called ‘exceptional’

He returned to Montreal as the only suspect in the slaying and dismemberment of Concordia University student Jun Lin, captured in Berlin after a 10-day world-wide manhunt and finally showered with all the fame he’d so ardently coveted, moving from social media marginalia to mainstream headlines.

The plane touched down in Montreal shortly before 7 p.m. Magnotta disembarked far from the prying eyes of reporters and TV cameras, depriving him of a media audience home-coming.

“I have no obsession with the limelight.”

Magnotta, 29, had left behind an extensive digital footprint trail, popping up like Woody Allen’s Zelig character in video footage, niche porn websites, Internet toy-boy spreads (mostly shirtless) and reality show audition tapes. His self-generated bids for media coverage included at least twice approaching reporters, in Toronto and the United Kingdom, to deny any sex ties to notorious school-girl procurer Karla Homolka, a piggy-backing rumor that he’d apparently started.

For those who could stomach the contents, there was as well, most shockingly, the “1 lunatic 1 ice pick” videotape, posted online, depicting the stabbing, sexual defilement and dismemberment of 33-year-old Lin, its gruesome authenticity confirmed by police. The victim’s body parts were mailed to disparate addresses across Canada: a foot delivered to Conservative party headquarters in Ottawa, a hand intended for Liberal HQ intercepted at a postal warehouse in the capital, foot and hand to two Vancouver-area schools.

DNA confirms body parts mailed to schools belong to Jun Lin

What else is out there, en route to a random mailbox?

“I live a convivial, sociable and vigorous life and for anyone to judge me by the virulent fiction they read online, would be naive, ignorant and incongruous.’’

Lin’s headless torso was found May 29 in a suitcase tossed on a garbage heap near Magnotta’s apartment building in Montreal. For reasons unclear, the luggage had been ignored when garbage collectors picked up the trash, the apartment’s manager making the gruesome discovery after residents had complained about an awful smell. Investigators said Lin — known as Justin, a gentle and amiable fellow who worked part-time as convenience store cashier — had been killed between May 24 and 25, the 11-minute video uploaded later that day. Magnotta was quickly identified as a suspect with an international arrest warrant issued May 31. Police found a blood-stained mattress and blood in the fridge at Magnotta’s rundown studio apartment.

Lin’s head is still missing.

MoreFamily mourns Jun Lin

Aspiring model, self-professed bisexual porn star, hustler, small-time felon, palpable narcissist, dissected in recent weeks by profilers-for-hire as classic psychopath, the Scarborough born Magnotta — born Eric Clinton Newman, formally changing his name in 2006 — was obsessed with cosmetic surgery to alter the features he didn’t like and, reportedly, to look more like James Dean . What remained throughout was the signature sensuous pout, the bedroom mouth of a man described by a former transgendered girlfriend as actually a dud in the sack, disinterested in sex and woefully unskilled as amorous partner. Magnotta also, she claimed, hit himself compulsively.

In videotaped interviews, he touches delicately at his face.

“A lot of people tell me I’m devastatingly good-looking.’’

All surface and artifice, his own invention, as admitted in the audition tape for a now-discontinued show called Plastic Makes Perfect, wherein Magnotta claimed to have undergone a hair transplant three times.

“If I don’t have my looks, then I don’t have any life. My looks and my body are my life.’’

Estranged from family, he’d already been accused by animal lover groups of torturing and killing kittens, suffocating them in plastic bags, feeding them to snakes, and posting the evidence online. This would be textbook emerging psychopathic behaviour, characteristics evident early to one relative who told the Peterborough Examiner: “He’s a nut job. I did not trust him. Eric is the type of individual . . . I think he’s mentally ill. He has delusions of grandeur. He concocts stories that he tends to believe and they in turn become fact in his mind.’’

“I am a survivor of mental illness and I’m not ashamed of it. I went through a very traumatic childhood and in my teen years experimented with drugs and alcohol. At first, I thought this was the problem . . . it wasn’t. I am manic depressive and bi-polar. One day I’m normal, the next I can’t get out of my bed and then next week I want to conquer the world. Very confusing to someone who doesn’t understand.’’

Compulsively exhibitionistic, in thrall to himself, but no more than a cipher for most of an utterly superficial life, as insubstantial as a hologram. His only known object of interest was Luka Magnotta — when not calling himself Vladimir Romanov or Angel or K. Trammel, perhaps inspired by the ice-pick murdering Catherine Trammel character from Basic Instinct.

So many identities, shedding bits of himself, forensically, in the short period that he remained a fugitive at large — he’d professed, online, to being expert in disappearing — tracked first to Paris, where he made others uncomfortable in a bistro. French police found porn magazines and air sickness bags from his flight in a room where Magnotta had stayed before lamming it when Interpol publicized his name.

“I do not necessarily feel the need to redeem my reputation since the people that know me best will be more than happy to vouch for my honesty in conduct and I can provide many satisfied and loyal references if necessary.”

Magnotta was arrested June 4 in a Berlin Internet café, where he’d been surfing the web, reading about himself.

“You got me.”

He did not fight extradition and faces five charges, including murder and indignity to a corpse. Magnotta was to appear before a judge Tuesday morning.

The media audience he courted so cravenly — in vain — will be there. For the vain and the craven.


Magnotta back in Canada, expected in court Tuesday Staff

Date: Mon. Jun. 18 2012 10:25 PM ET

The man accused of murdering and dismembering a Chinese university student in Montreal is back in Canada to face prosecution after an international manhunt.

Luka Rocco Magnotta landed at Montreal’s Mirabel Airport just before 7 p.m. ET Monday aboard a military transport flight from Berlin. He was closely guarded by six Montreal police officers on the flight.

A convoy of police and emergency vehicles with flashing lights met Magnotta at the airport. Armed guards were on standby as he was whisked away in one of the cars.

Magnotta, a 29-year-old porn actor and model, is expected to appear in a Quebec court Tuesday.

“We’re extremely happy and relieved now (that) the accused killer is in Montreal and will face justice,” Montreal police Cmdr. Ian Lafreniere told reporters shortly after Magnotta’s arrival at the airport. “That will be also helpful to the family.”

Magnotta is a suspect in the grisly killing of Concordia University student Jun Lin, a 33-year-old Chinese national whose torso was found in a suitcase in the garbage behind a Montreal apartment building last month.

Police said parts of Lin’s body were mailed to federal political offices as well as two Vancouver schools. They also believe that his murder was videotaped and posted on the Internet.

Lafreniere said Monday that Lin’s head is still missing and that police are focused on finding it to bring closure to the victim’s family.

“On behalf of the family, we’ll do everything to get it back,” he said.

Lin’s parents and sister recently travelled to Montreal from China to meet with investigators. In an open letter, they thanked everyone who offered them assistance and emotional support in Canada.

Magnotta, originally from Scarborough, Ont., first fled to Paris and was captured at an Internet café in Berlin several days later, on June 4.

He was held in German police custody until Canada formally requested his extradition.

The extradition process required collaboration among federal authorities, Montreal police, the Quebec Prosecution Service and German officials.

In a statement, both Justice Minister Rob Nicholson and Public Safety Minister Vic Toews lauded this co-operation.

“It is important that Canadians can have confidence that those who are accused of serious crimes will face the full force of the law,” the statement read.

The original arrest warrant issued for Magnotta cited five criminal charges, including first-degree murder, but Lafreniere said Monday that number could change.

Montreal investigators have yet to formally question Magnotta, he said.

Lafreniere said police considered various safety measures when they decided to bring Magnotta back to Canada on a military flight.

Police had to consider how passengers on a commercial flight would react to having a suspected killer on the same plane, he said. There was also the risk of the plane getting diverted to another country, which could pose all sorts of legal problems.

“We needed a direct flight,” Lafreniere said.

The large convoy waiting for Magnotta at Mirabel Airport was assembled because police feared other vehicles might chase Magnotta down the highway, Lafreniere said.

“You’re talking about a very special case. You’re talking about one of the largest manhunts in Montreal’s history,” he said. “But we’re happy to say…everything went smoothly.”
Read more:

USA Citizens: URGENT – Please Act Immediately – Just Days Left – Add Your Vocals To The Proposed NYS Devocalization Ban, A3431D

Please act immediately & get the word out. Many calls are needed!!
Forward this alert. Tweet and post this link to FB:

The Proposed NYS Devocalization Ban, A3431D,
Now Must Pass the SENATE As Written by June 21
To End This Outrageous Act of Animal Cruelty.

But the Bill is Stalled and About to Die.
If it Does, Helpless Dogs & Cats Will Die Too.

Live in NYS? You Can Save Them From
Vocal Cord Mutilation By Calling the 2 Senators Below
Every Day Through Thursday. Call Sen. Skelos,no Matter where You live!

Stella was abandoned after her vocal cords were cut.


Bill number A3431D would ban devocalization, the abhorrent practice of cutting vocal cords just to stifle a dog’s or cat’s voice. Thanks to your calls, it passed the NYS Assembly.

But A3431D must also pass the NYS Senate to become law.

Lobbies that profit from devocalization have turbo-charged their fight to kill it. Stalled in a Senate committee, it needs a vote NOW.

If A3431D doesn’t pass the Senate by June 21, it will die–and the chance to protect dogs and cats from devocalization will be lost.

If amended as special interests want, it will allow and legitimize instead of prohibiting this outrageous act of animal cruelty.

Dogs and cats don’t need to be surgically stifled. They don’t want to choke to death, struggle to breathe, cough and gag relentlessly. These are common outcomes of devocalization even when performed by experienced vets.

What helpless animals need is an enforceable law to protect them.

They need your voice to pass A3431D as written.


Lobbies that profit from devocalization are pressuring Senators to kill the ban, and they’re winning: A3431D is about to die, stalled in a Senate committee. You can save it. Special interests have deep pockets. But you have what really matters in an election year: your vote and your voice.

Please try to call daily through June 21; there are just 4 days left!

Emails can be ignored. Calls can’t. Always be polite!!
Get voicemail? Keep calling till you speak with an aide.
To ensure your message is clear, use the wording below. Add to it if you wish, but be brief and polite.
For follow-up calls: Ask the status of A3431D, then repeat your original message.

1) Tell the office of Sen. Majority Leader Dean Skelos at 518-455-3171 or 516-766-8383: “I’d like Sen. Skelos to bring the devocalization ban, A3431D, to the floor and ensure it becomes law as written. Many people are counting on him to pass this important humane law.”

2) Tell the office of your own NYS Senator (in Albany, not Congress): “I’m a constituent. I’d like the Senator’s help ensuring the devocalization ban, A3431D, gets to the floor and passes as written by Thursday. This law is a top priority for me, so I’ll be following it.”

To find your Senator’s name and phone #, enter your address here:

Devocalization is always dangerous, no matter how skilled the vet or what instrument is used, including laser. Even a little scarring, a normal outcome of any surgery, can block the airway. Animals choke to death as a result. They retch and gag, cough and wheeze relentlessly. Suffer heatstroke in mild weather. Inhale food and vomit into their lungs.

Devocalization doesn’t benefit dogs and cats at all. These animals are abandoned and convenience euthanized for the same reasons as any other–or when people can’t or won’t pay $2,000 to remove scar tissue blocking their dog’s or cat’s airway.

People who select, train and care for animals responsibly and humanely keep dogs and cats out of shelters. Behavior-masking surgery doesn’t.

Devocalization is mutilation. That’s why it’s long been outlawed in many countries and since 2010 in Massachusetts.

It is unfathomable that New York State still allows this brutality.

Lawmakers need to stop caving in to special interests that profit from devocalization–and instead take a humane stand for the animals victimized by it.

It’s up to you to persuade them! Give A3431D everything you’ve got over the next few days. Use your voice to protect animals.


What devocalized dogs sound like

Devocalization: real victims

EU: Some Good News Regarding Long Distance Live Animal Transport – and Other Things !

We (in Europe) have had what appears to be some promising progress regarding live animal transport.

I am especially happy with this news as lstopping long distance transport for live animals has been my major campaign work for the last 23 years or so !

Mark – Founder SAV.

Photos: V. Cameron / Bill – KAALE (Uk).

Below – The ‘Joline’ operated by Dutchman J. Onderwater.

Below – Livestock transporters arrive at Ramsgate (England) for Livestock Shipment to Mainland Europe.

Above – Dutch haulier.  Below – Irish haulier.

Above – Hans Snel – Dutch haulier.

Above – The ‘Dodgy Roof regular’, but not acted on by the Authorities !


Link below – This is the Uk Government’s view on the Commission’s proposals on live transport – this was discussed at a recent Ag Council (where the Dutch were the only country objecting to the proposals).   For our non European friends; the Dutch are the largest animal transporters in Europe, as our work in the Uk for years has shown.  So it comes as no surprise to us that the Dutch would be a nation that objects to the new proposals – the only nation to object. 


Interestingly the Uk, whilst supporting the Commission’s proposals on enforcement; have put in for better protection (ie journey times) for calves and horses.  Council agreement is due soon on this so we will have to wait to see what the final Presidency and Council conclusions are.

Calves are still exported from the Uk to mainland Europe, on a vessel (the ‘Joline’) operated by a Dutchman convicted and found guilty in a Uk court of no less than 6 animal welfare offences involving the transport of live farm animals.

Also, some great news from our friends at Compassion In World farming here in the Uk.  It reads:

Dear Mark,

The worst footage we have ever seen.

Last week, Compassion made the difficult decision to release some extremely disturbing footage of horrendous animal suffering at slaughterhouses and in transport. It reveals some of the worst animal cruelty that Compassion has ever seen.

Thousands of you responded to our urgent call for action and immediately put pressure on the OIE, who are responsible for international guidelines on transport and slaughter. Thank you to everyone who spoke out.

Our next step is to meet face-to-face with international policymakers who have the power to end such appalling practices. And, as a result of sharing the footage, we have now secured meetings with representatives of not just the OIE, but also the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation, The World Bank and The European Commission.

By bringing these major bodies together we have a real chance to protect farm animals at the most vulnerable times of their life – such as during transport and at slaughter. Thank you again to everyone who helped us get to this position.

Recently it was reported that Creek Projects, a British company based in Cambridgeshire, had invested millions of pounds in a new foie gras facility in China where over 15 million geese were to be intensively farmed over a five-year period.

Following prompt action from Compassion and our friends at the Humane Society, we are delighted to report that operations at the foie gras factory farm have now been suspended. We will remain vigilant to ensure that this project does not rear its ugly head again – but in the meantime millions of animals are being saved from the horrifying force-feeding synonymous with foie gras production.

Ramsgate (Kent, England Exports) update. See photos Above – all from Ramsgate.

You can visit the website of the organisation which SAV founder Mark is also involved with – Kent Action Against Live Exports (KAALE); by visiting the KAALE website at  – here you will find all the reports oof live farm animal shipments from the Kent port of ramsgate, Uk, to mainland Europe, as operated by convicted operator Mr. Onderwater of the Netherlands.

CIWF say:

Thank you to everyone who came along to the rally in Ramsgate on 20 May to mark the first anniversary of live animal exports through the town’s port. It was a very sad yet motivating day. Inspiring speeches were made by our own Director of Public Affairs, Dil Peeling, the RSPCA, and Thanet District Councillors – and it was wonderful to see so many people joining together to speak out against these cruel journeys.

And we have some good news in the EU campaign for an 8-hour limit on journey times for animals, which could effectively outlaw most live exports. Following the European Parliament’s endorsement of an 8-hour journey limit, EU Commissioner John Dalli agreed that Regulation 1/2005 is not sufficient to guarantee an acceptable level of welfare for animals during transport.

He announced that the Commission will propose a review of EU legislation that will include – among other things – a reduction of transport times. Now, the challenge is to make sure Commissioner Dalli sticks to his word and the review stays on track.

And finally, Positive news for pigs

Thank you so much to everyone who took our latest Project Pig action. You are helping to ensure that, when the EU sow stall ban comes into force on 1 January 2013, millions of pigs will no longer be forced to spend months on end in a cage.

As I write, 11 EU nations are still at risk of violating the ban, and we will not rest in our efforts to persuade farmers and politicians to implement this vital legislation. But the good news is that, with your support, Project Pig is making real progress.

When figures were first released, just seven nations expected to comply with the ban on time. Now, the EU Commission believes sixteen are set to be ready.


Lennox to die as N. Ireland court rules against dog.

Op-Ed: Lennox to die as N. Ireland court rules against dog

By Elizabeth Batt

Jun 12, 2012 – 33 mins ago in Politics

Belfast – In a shocking decision by senior judges in Northern Ireland, Lennox, a Labrador/American Bulldog has been ordered destroyed. The ruling upholds the decision of two lower courts, to euthanize a dog that has committed no harm.

For two long years, the Barnes family have fought to bring their dog home after he was seized by the City of Belfast in May 2010 and ordered destroyed for being a “pit-bull type” dog.

The ruling came in response to an appeal by the family, and upheld the decision of two lower courts who decided under the Dangerous Dogs Act (DDA), that Lennox was a danger to the public and must be euthanized.

According to the DDA, a dog’s physical traits could bear influence on how it behaves and “pit-bull” types, like Lennox, are automatically deemed dangerous. In other words, Lennox was measured with a tape measure; he fit the profile, and was seized.

Yet Lennox has never threatened to harm a living soul, and even statements from celebrity and recognized canine experts attesting to the dog’s good-nature, have been consistently overthrown in favor of the testimony of one individual, Peter Tallack, a police dog handler and supporter of the DDA.

But when Tallack appeared in court said Joan Smith of the Huffington Post, the ‘breed identifier:’

Offered a quirky bit of testimony, […and…] flustered, offered the opinion that Lennox was “waiting to go off.”

As a result Smith added, Lord Justice Girvan deemed Lennox “a disaster waiting to happen.” Disregarding the dog’s history, he ruled against Lennox based on the canine’s potential for aggressiveness at some ‘point’ in the future.


Caroline Barnes and her family have owned Lennox since he was a pup. They are responsible owners who have cared for this dog diligently. Lennox, a beloved member of the family was also a therapy dog for a young, disabled Brook Barnes. Yet for the past two years, none of the family has seen Lennox, who it has been held it is said, under questionable conditions.

According to the BBC, Caroline Barnes’ “legal team went before the Court of Appeal seeking to compel the County Court judge who confirmed the destruction order to state a case on points of law.” But today, the Appeal Court judges dismissed that application. Lord Justice Girvan said:

The judge had heard evidence on the issues relating to this dog over a protracted two-day hearing, carefully considered the evidence and the issues and he reached conclusions of fact which have not been vitiated by any error of law on his part.

What about errors in common sense? The path this case has taken is disturbing; bolstered by dubious decisions, and a refusal to seek outside counsel, it has continued to defy belief and smacks of cronyism. Rightly so the Barnes family are devastated, having dedicated the last two years of their lives to saving the dog they love.

A brief Facebook post today, shared their pain:

Lennox’s family will release a statement in due course once they have had time to absorb today’s ruling by Chief Justice Girvan. The family kindly ask all supporters to remain calm and dignified as always in their response to today’s sad and very wrong decision by the Northern Ireland Chief Justice. Thank you.

One has to admire their class, for it is infinitely higher than that of decision makers who never having laid eyes on Lennox, have ordered him to die because of what he “might” do.

Lennox will be euthanized because of “what” he is, not “who” he is. And the ignorance and arrogance in that is astounding. Those involved in this despicable decision should hang their heads in shame and remember the words of Machiavelli:

It is not titles that honor men, but men that honor titles.

N. Ireland should fear for the integrity of its legal system.

USA: Agriculture Gag Laws Are Violating Press Freedom In The US.


Uk Major daily press article – Wednesday 6 June 2012

Agriculture gag laws are violating press freedom in the US

Measures to penalise investigative reporters who expose conditions in industrial agriculture are a threat to democracy.

Big companies have pushed legislators to pass laws limiting the freedom to report on conditions at livestock facilities including slaughterhouses. Photograph: Christian Charisius/Reuters

Multiple states have passed what are known as “ag gag laws”, designed to penalise investigative reporters who explore conditions on industrial agriculture operations. Many of these laws focus specifically on livestock, in the wake of numerous exposés on the abuses of livestock in industrial agriculture. These laws are a significant threat to the freedom of the press, and it’s rather remarkable that they are being allowed to stand. More than that, they threaten the health and safety of consumers, in addition to making it difficult and sometimes impossible for consumers to make educated choices about the sources of their food.

The US should be in an uproar about ag gag laws, and it’s not. That’s a telling reflection of attitudes about agriculture, and illustrates the lack of interest among many people in the US about journalism and how it functions, and the purpose of investigative journalism in particular. Attempts to raise awareness about the issue are often met with indifference; they are not as interesting and seductive as celebrity scandals, evidently, even though they are far more scandalous, and impact people’s lives more immediately and directly.

It should come as no surprise to learn that the source of the pressure behind ag gag laws is, of course, industrial agriculture. Big companies have pushed legislators heavily to pass laws limiting the freedom to report on conditions at livestock facilities, including ranches, feedlots, and slaughterhouses. With the benefit of lobbyists, they can exert pressure directly in the halls of the legislature, as well as doing so indirectly by contributing to the electoral process and deciding who gets elected. In states like Iowa, you have to be agriculture-friendly to get elected, and if you want a chance at beating the competition, you’d better be willing to toe the line on industrial agriculture so you’ll get the needed support.

Several techniques are used in ag gag laws in an attempt to restrict the ability to report on livestock operations. One option has been quite direct, with an attempt to ban the distribution of photos and videos taken on farms without consent of the owner. These attempts have been smacked down on the grounds that they violate first amendment rights. Taking a new angle, lobbyists have pushed for legislation that makes lying on job applications related to agricultural work a criminal offense. A journalist taking an undercover job, in other words, could be convicted of a crime.

Many people are not aware of the entirely legal animal abuse in industrial agriculture, which is one thing journalists can expose; treatment that appears horrific, wrong, and abusive is actually quite legal in many states. In other cases, journalists can expose abuses that actually are illegal, spurring both public outrage and investigation. These kinds of exposés are important, because people should know about the source of their food, and they should be aware of the high price they pay for cheap meat.

It’s not just about animal welfare. Industrial agriculture also trashes the environment, something that should be of grave concern even to people who aren’t concerned about the health and wellbeing of animals raised for food. Industrial farms contribute to air, water, and soil pollution, consume vast volumes of water, and destroy soil biology and animal habitat, because the goal is to produce as much food as possible as quickly as possible. In this setting, environmental health is not a significant concern; but investigative journalism could force action on the subject, pressuring legislators to clamp down on environmental protection and force industrial agriculture to clean up its act.

Furthermore, worker abuses are also a significant concern in industrial agriculture. Slaughterhouses are some of the most dangerous working environments in the US, and they are staffed predominantly by immigrants, documented and undocumented, making the minimum wage or close to it. The work is hard and fast, which means that people are prone to injury, and in a high-speed production line, there is limited time to address workplace injuries. Severe disabilities are not uncommon, and in the case of undocumented workers, there are few resources when it comes to dealing with disability and seeking compensation when such injuries are clearly the result of dangerous working conditions.

This is why investigative journalism is important: because it brings these kinds of abuses to light and confronts consumers with information about the facts behind their food. Journalists in a wide range of industries and environments spend months or years on research, often from the inside, to prepare stories intended to spark comment, discussion, and change. Ag gag laws are only one example of an attempt to limit the ability to report freely on pressing social issues, and they should be a subject of anger and horror in the population at large. Lobbyists are attempting to limit access to information, and they are doing so by limiting the abilities of journalists to do their jobs.

The anger about exposés is well-founded; consumers are usually horrified when they see images and video from livestock facilities, as well they should be. Dead and dying animals packed close together in unhealthy, dangerous conditions, some with open sores and other obvious health problems. Animals treated casually and abusively by staff members who need to work fast, and cannot afford compassion or gentleness. Horrific conditions in slaughterhouses, where terrified animals are rushed through the production line and subjected to utterly inhumane and dangerous conditions. Workers who are tired, working through overtime, obviously ill, and at high risk of injury.

That the reaction to exposés is to silence journalists, rather than addressing the poor conditions, is an inevitable consequence of capitalism. It is more cost effective to shut off the stories, rather to fix the problem, and legislators are evidently happy to go along with this plan, passing ag gag laws to ensure silence about the continued abuse of farm animals. Consumers, in turn, tolerate this because they have no idea about the nature of the news they can’t see.

Previous SAV Ag Gag posts: